Thursday, January 21, 2010


The next best thing to a vacation, is a staycation.

What my staycations days are like mostly.
* Take kiddos to school.
* Come home and some days go back to sleep for an hour, others just pick up the laptop.
* Search for all job sites to see if there is anything new I can apply for, apply online, mail resume or make a list of those that I need to go to in person.
* Visit facebook for a split-second (it bores me lately).
* Go to my google reader and read what all happening in the world ( I mean the blog world, but sometimes the real world too).
* Get up and start on some house chores (but get tired of that) and then go back to the computer.
* Listen to music and stare blankly at the windows media player screen.
* Before I know it more time has past buy and its only a couple of hours before the kids get home.
* I forget to eat, so then decide I need to eat something so as not to over eat later.... (I over eat later anyway)
* I make lists of things I need to do, like pay bills, go pick up supplies at the store, make a bank deposit, clean the house and in what order I want to clean the house, but I still don't do anything.... its just list of lists that I do.
* Plan what I am going to fix for dinner.
* Do more house work (never to do a great job or actually finish it, just enough to get by).
* Pop an exercise DVD in and do a little exercise.
* Talk to the dog.
* Cook dinner.
* Clean up from dinner.
* Shower and get dressed into more staycation clothes (since I never bothered to get dressed today) and spend time with my family.

This is my daily routine or has been most days that I don't get up and get out of the house. If I actually get out of the house for say an interview or testing and get all fancied up then.... that is still all I accomplish on that day. I did that so that means the rest of the day is useless.

I need to make more of my time at home, and get out of this damn funk!

Anyday could be my last day of this staycation so I need to be living it up to the fullest and doing all I want/need to do. But, if I don't do everything I feel I need/want to do IT IS OK! I'm on staycation!

I will just kick my own ass after my first week back to work and all hell has broke loose everywhere because I didn't do shit on my staycation.

To avoid that ass kickin' (because I can do some good ass kickin' if necessary) I think maybe the rest of the staycation I should strive to take care of some business... because I have been one lazy heifer lately.

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