Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Southern Fried Snark

Hello! If you are not watchin' you are missin' out! These two women are just snarky!

You may find them on:
Twitter @sthrnfriedsnark
Facebook @ Sthrnfriedsnark
They have a website SouthernFriedSnark
Sarah on her blog The Anvil Tree
Ronda on her blog Aisforaardvark
They have worked very hard to put on an awesome show... so tune in on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9 pm CST to catch them live!
They talk about varied topics that are in the headlines, and things they just want to snark about. Right now they are giving away prizes to their audience. This blog was a product of their contests, they asked that people blog about them..... I would have done this without the possibility of winning a prize. They ROCK!

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