Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some things are GREAT while others SUCKETH

So I took a week hiatus from my blog to do..... well nothing.

Since I am in need of gainful employment and my house is a disaster I can think of nothing that kept me from my blog.... other than a lack of things to contribute.

I am starting to feel like my contributions to my family are minimal too. Just blah, in a funk and trying to get out of it.

I have applied for several positions.... one in particular I really wanted and have started to feel like I may not have a chance at it. What kills me about this whole job market thing is that I have tons of experience.... I feel I can do ANYTHING, but folks don't seem to want to call to even see why I applied. I understand I am applying for clerical/administrative type work, I know I have a medical background...... friggin' call me to find out why I applied. Maybe I am willing to take less salary, maybe I am willing to do A LOT of things, you don't know if you don't even call for a darn interview with me. Without that face to face or telephone interview then I may be screwed because THAT my friend is where I sell myself. I am wanting a total change in career, I am not wanting to return to the medical field, but I will do that, I will do many other things. I type 75 wpm have wonderful organizational, clerical and even people skills. I know how to problem solve and tons of experience in so many different areas. I have been on one interview since I left my last employment. What is up with these people. Anyway its starting to get to me. I know something with come, but its taking longer than I had thought it would to just get calls from people interested in my awesomeness.

Thomas stayed home one day with me and we went to Tim's Cajun Kitchen to get their famous wings... (Note they are in no way contributing this free ad that I am offering them). Their wings are crispy... I hate a soggy wing. They are crunchy and you can make them as hot as you want with their delicious hot sauce. That being said after we devoured our portions of wings w/ fries at the restaurant we ordered an additional serving to take home... that was what we had for dinner last night. It was yummy. So Thomas, me and my tummy thank you for taking us to get those wings! Now I need to focus more on healthy eating. But damn those wings were wonderful. (who blogs about food so much?).

We have been watchin' mucho movies/tv shows around the home front lately, check my simply reviews page to see some of the reviews I have done. Whew! There are a lot that I have catch up on as I have a running list here of all the posts I need to make to that page, so keep tuned in there as I update.

Rueben is the sweetest puppy in the world. Trixie is coming around to him. My family is awesome. Desmond made Straight A's and Destiny only had one B on her report card and she is in Pre-DP classes so this is excellent! Thomas still spoils me and treats me like a queen all is so well its hard to believe I would be in such a funk.

I don't depend on him to take care of me, never have in 7 years but if I don't find a job like really soon, or don't get my 401K/profit sharing check in soon... I will be totally relying on him. Some women do this without a problem, some women don't work at all, but me..... this thought is freakin' me out. I have never depended on a man, Never had one support me or my kiddos for that matter. Hell I have two kids by two different men and don't receive ANY child support because they are such deadbeats. But now I do not have a job. I can't remember not having a job. I worked at McDonald's when I was 15 years old and worked there until I graduated high school.... I remember my brother having to drive me to work, until I was old enough to get my license. I am a worker, I am starting to feel depressed and have very blah moments staying home. Now, I have plenty to keep me busy..... but my mood is making it hard to do those things. Thomas is wonderful and very supportive and insures me that things will be ok, he is amazing. But, me....oh well let me put my positive thought back in place.... I should not have a hard time finding a job, I am lost without one, surely something wonderful will come from all of this.

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