Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok I am someone who has liked and enjoyed watching LOST that is until about the 3 rd Season and I started thinking to myself there is no friggin' way they are going to tie all this stuff up correctly because it was spun in too many different directions. The more I watch it the more I am glad it is almost over. I mean I have to finish the series because I need to know what the heck happened since I am so LOST and I would hope that all the hours I spent watching this show will be justified in this last season.

But, seriously there are too many unanswered questions and after reading some blogs about it and digging a little deeper I have came to the conclusion that the writers were making shit up as they went on, with no purpose. And there will be several unanswered mysteries by the end of the series.

I mean what good is suspense, mystery and all the wasted hours we put into the series if they leave things unanswered? Sawyer was hot and maybe that is enough... yeah well he was shirtless most of the time so yeah that is worth something, but still... give us the answers we have waited so patiently for.

Here is a video someone put together that had me rolling in laughter it says exactly what I am trying to say here.


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