Monday, January 25, 2010


No not my kiddos... ME! I have not enrolled in school or anything, but I am studying like a crazy woman and learning lots of new things. I plan to study up and take some test to see if I can get some certifications for a new career.

I feel my wheels turning in my head and it feels good.

I have been losing my memory for many years now and I may have found the reason why. My days consist of work that was not challenging to my brain.... but stressful, chores that never seem to end, time with family and all that was good.... but no time to learn anything and actually use the brain you know. This weekend has me feeling smarter all the sudden. The brain does still work... WHEN I USE IT! haha.

I forgot how much I enjoy learning new things. I use to dabble on web design/ html stuff and it was exciting trying to figure it out but never started with the basics and tried to actually learn that... I just jumped in and started trying things and it was fun. This is different. I am learning, like really figuring out some stuff. Give me a few weeks and I will have mucho knowledge on this stuff. I needed something to give me a reason for being and something to give me a goal to reach, and this is just that! Thanks to T-Bone for hooking me up with all the study material and giving me encouragement to pursue this.

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