Thursday, January 28, 2010

Note to self

How many people make notes to themselves? I make notes and lists all the time. One thing I do though is misplace the list/note to self. I have found that just writing it down makes it easier to remember what I need to or would like to get done. But, one way to make life easier is by emailing your self things. I check email daily. With Gmail I can even put little stars by things of importance and organize them until I get them done. I email myself about bills, chores, schedules and things that need to be done, and anything else that comes to mind like a video I might want to check out, a song I may want to listen to or find, a thought I might have that I want to blog about (I used to write these down, lose them and forget about them... and there was some pretty awesomeness in those lost blog categories I am sure of it). So, if you by chance are a weirdo like me, its a great solution to the notes everywhere.

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