Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All movie channel(s) HD I ♥ you

Old classic movies= the best.

If you would have asked me to sit through a black and white old movie 10 years ago I would have out right laughed at you. This was me then, now that is about all I want to watch. Big change in me, what happened was I watched a few terrific old movies, fell in love with James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and oh so many more REAL MEN! These movies show real acting ability and I am mesmerized while watching them.

We look ahead and DVR up several old movies that are on the movie channels in HD for us to view whenever we like. We have watched so many absolutely AWESOME movies by checking these channels often: MGM HD, TCM HD, AMC and more. Watching the quality films in HD changes them.... they are so beautiful, clear and what I would call crisp, that you simply get lost in them.

Don't get me wrong I love the newer movies out too, and there are some that blow me away like Avatar (WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE). But, these older movies I have a different love for, one that I never thought I would have and they make me feel all good inside watching them. There are thousands that I have never viewed and many that I have and I look forward to watching them all. I love the silly 60's comedies, the older 40's and we even have recently DVR'd a silent movie to watch from the 20's which I look forward to watching.

I have been doing my movie reviews here, so I can recall some of the films, we are watching so many I don't want to ever forget these, so now I can recall them whenever I want. It's a lil' hobby that will be beneficial for myself over time (I do not claim to be a actual movie reviewer lol but feel free to check it out if you want my honest opinion and thoughts on flicks).

I strongly recommend if you have the HD movie channels that I have mentioned to sit down one evening with your significant other, your family, your dog or all of these combined and pop some popcorn kick back with a blanket, and watch an old classic in HD it will surely be an evening that you will find yourself repeating whenever life allows you to.

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