Friday, January 29, 2010

Liar Liar pants on a fire

I may not be perfect, but a liar I am not. I can not stand a dishonest person. I can not stand those who put others down to get ahead. I have worked extremely hard in my life, started young with my family (age 19) worked my way through college, put forward excellent performances in most any task I take. There are those who want what you have and will lie, cheat and steal to get it. All they have to do is put forth a little effort of their own and they could have it, I mean have it better something they feel proud and accomplished for because they actually worked for it. I am sorry but you feel good about yourself when you set goals and standards for yourself and achieve them. How can anyone feel proud for lying, backstabbing, dishonesty? I do not understand these people. I have made mistakes, I own up to my mistakes. I am not claiming here that I am better than most, hell I am human. But I can not think of one single time where I hurt a friend or co-worker or anyone really to try to get ahead, and better myself through their pain. I may say something you don't like I am entitled to my opinion. I may say something hurtful, but I am trying to be upfront and honest because I rather not spend days on end trying to keep up with a lie. You ask me a question and you get the answer. Not some dishonest version of what I may think is the truth, but the true actual fact if I know the answer. I don't then I may tell you I don't know or direct you to the person or a resource who may know. I don't repeat others false accusations either, because that is only spreading that lie, and if I don't know it as a fact then I can't repeat it.

There is no way someone 10 years younger than me without children or the education I have in my field can know more about a specific training or family matter I have endured because its just not possible, unless you have been there and done it. So someone who is a know it all pisses me off too. You may know it all in your field and in situations you have been dealt but not in the same situations I know them so you will never know more than me. In all honestly NO one knows more than ANYONE else, because we all know so many different things.

I have been told someone has out right lied about something. I have been known to speak my mind which I do and I do honestly. If I have a beef with you, you know it. But, there is one person who is no longer a part of my life (by my choice) who I have a beef with and they don't know it..... I so want to march over and give them a piece of my mind and tell em' how I see it and just to get my point across. But I wont... because it wont do any good. I know I am right, and honest, and I know who I am and what I have said and done and I am not ashamed of who I am. I am proud of myself for my accomplishments and what I have yet to achieve as I am not done yet. I will be a bigger person and have this little vent on my own personal blog and let that be that. Life goes on, I am done and moving past it all...... Just let it be known I hate a liar! I hope your britches burn your butt when they catch on fire!


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