Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just sayin'

Leno is funny in his own way, but Conan has my heart. Conan has been screwed over... at least he did get a nice buy out of his contract. He earned the right to that seat and has been doing a great job there, and because Leno decides he wants to come back Conan loses his spot. He did his leg work and worked to get that spot, and because Leno's health has returned and he is ready to come back out to the work force he gets his old job back? That doesn't happen in the real world, only in TV land. Hopefully Conan's career will strive to be more than it has been and all of this will only set him up for better things.

His last show will be this Friday with guests Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell and Neil Young, I will be sure to catch that show and will bad sad to see his last night to host The Tonight Show.

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