Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010

Well this year has held so much already, its hard to find time to post. Here a few things that has happened

Cody's Birthday and New Year's day with family.

Thomas and his brothers Brian and Mark

My marvelous family

Thomas made a snow maker. Not just any snow maker....the most awesomeness snow maker around! haha.

Thomas and his snow maker!

The snow maker doing it's thang

It looks like a blizzard

Thomas, look at the snow blow

A big icicle Thomas found in after blowing the snow.... he says "come over to the white side" haha... "may the snow be with you"...ahhh my lil' Jedi

More icicles


The next day... that my friend, is a strand of Christmas lights covered in snow!

My mom came to visit with us, and she got to watch the snow fall too.

She brought tequila because she loves me!

Here she is with Destiny!

Here is her car covered in snow... it is normally bright red!

My mom said I could have her baby as she works all the time and is unable to spend as much time as she would like with him, his name is Reuben. We went to pick him up on Sunday Jan. 3rd. He has been such an awesome little fella. I just love him so much. He is so sweet and caring, and loving and friendly anyone would have to love him!

Introducing Reuben.... he does have eyes I promise

She puts bows in my hair!!! HELP!!! :-P

4. I have been trying to potty train Reuben in this cold weather and it is not going so well, it will get better I am sure of it.

Burrrr he says!

Kiddos went back to school on Wed. I planned on hitting the job hunt head on, on this day..... but my man was home with me so I procrastinated doing so and had a lovely day home with him instead.
6. Second day kiddos are back in school... a day to hit the job hunt again.... but mother nature throws us snow! I didn't want to be out and about and have to stop what I was doing to pick up the kiddos because.... schools in Alabama are infamous about closing. Sure enough... the schools closed at 11:30 am. Another day thrown away. But, Desmond and I got to play in the snow.

Look at him trying to hide that snow ball

OH NO!!! he is going to get me

Look at that smile

The canoe helped him gather big snowballs!

I made a snow man. He doesn't have much to him because he is only 3 inches tall (hehe) The most teeniest tiniest snow man evah!

Now that I have caught everyone up on my life over the last few days.... maybe I will post more often.

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