Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It ain't all bad!

I managed to get off my ass after that last post and get crackin'. I pulled off cleaning up the kitchen, finishing up the laundry (almost 1 more load to go, even watched the bedding). Cleaned up after Rueben, (ya'll seriously he is worse than a 2 year old with draggin' out "toys" and he is stubborn when it comes to putting them away too) cleaned in the bedroom (some, it needs more work still) and did a 2 miler WATP DVD, did 6 different strength training exercises and did 2 reps of 30 for each, did 10 minutes of stretching, ate dinner and fed the children, took a shower and now am sitting down again. I can kick ass when I get motivated to do it. It feels good too!

Tomorrow will be a big day, maybe something good will come from it, if not I will try to stay motivated and busy!

I am going to sit here and read in my Sparkpeople book until American Idol comes on, the kids and I like to watch that show together. :) Thomas has a class and wont be home until later tonight (pout), but I will be here waiting with bells on (minus the bells) when he gets home (wink wink).

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