Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Delaying the inevitable is what I have been doing most of the day, well most of the week. When I first lost my job and had all this time on my hands I spent it catching up on much needed house cleaning, getting ready for Christmas and putting out resumes. I felt like Little Miss Do All and felt like I was accomplishing so much.

The past week I can't seem to do ANYTHING! I mean time is slipping past me before I know it. What have I accomplished today, its a pathetic list:
1) Took my kiddos to school.
2) I managed to go through the house and gather dirty laundry.
3) I managed to sort and wash 3 loads (and still have 4 more to finish).
4) Ate a bagel.
5) I talked to my dad (he has a back issue and I may be going to help him this week).
6) Emailed my favorite man (betcha wonder who that is, hehe).
7) Spoke with a company about coming and taking another test (scheduled for tomorrow.... wish me luck because I need a job).
8) Ate left over sausage and gravy for lunch lol weird I know but I wasn't starving and there was just a lil' bit left and I thought well that will satisfy me until dinner and it will keep it from going to waste.
9) Hello blog. That is it, can't think of a thing else I did... oh wait... I did put in a few applications online in the midst of all this hustle (haha).

What a freakin' crazy lazy day. I feel drained like I have done too much and I have not done A DAMN THING! I am beginning to think that its a depressed state. I am happy and filled with joy when people are around me, but when I am home I do nothing but mope around. Can't find a rhythm to get in, can't seem to accomplish anything. I mean my house should be cleaner now then it was two months ago when I was working full time, but its actually worse. How'd that happen? I truly don't know other than my mood playing a role in my accomplishments.

It is 2 pm now and my kids will be home in a little over an hour. Now, I will get off may ass when I finish this post and get some housework accomplished, but it wont be deep down stuff, just that top layer that has to be done every damn day.

Tomorrow I will go take the test, come back and try to accomplish something else. I need to go back to work, I need a job. I am not the stay at home type person, this just makes me extremely lazy. UGH!

While I wait for that job to come along... maybe I can try to regain some focus and get a few things accomplished this week.

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