Sunday, January 31, 2010

About blogging

1. How long have you been blogging? Since 2006 (see my original blog TonyaTime for items before November 2009).
2. What made you start? I ran across a friend of mine from wayyyy back when and saw she had a blog. I spent a little time reading hers and saw that it could be a neat thing to have my own. At that time and actually for years later I never realized the size of the blogging community out there. Now I am more frequently blogging and I look forward to making new bloggin' friends.
3. Who inspired you? That said friends blog was Karmabuena. I later was very interested in reading a few other friends blogs The Anvil Tree, Aisforaardvark, and the ever popular Pioneer Woman.
4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog? oh it varies sometimes 1 hr sometimes 5 or more. Depends on the mood, the world around me and my thoughts at any given time. I do spend a lot of time on my Simply Review site as it takes me a while to do those reviews.
5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing? HaHaHaHaHa that is hilarious. I am not writer, I have no experience and if you have bothered to read any of my posts you know this! I enjoy telling folks about me and my thoughts on things.... this is why I write here.
6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas? Something that is going on around me, articles I have read about that sparked an interest, and well anything that comes to mind at the time.
7. What or who inspires you and your blog? I guess my family since I write more about myself and my family than anything. Life in general is what my blog is basically about.
8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog? I have a running list of movie blogs for my review, on that list sometimes I will add a thought that I had to blog about on my main blog, other times something just pops in my head and I go right then and make a blog post about it.
9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow? to be open and honest
10. Is there anything you will not blog about? I blog about more personal things than I should, I will pretty much blog about anything, I will not however blog hurtful things about people or make fun of others misfortunes.
11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic? I publish as the thought hits me, no routine or schedule.

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