Monday, January 4, 2010

18 years old

Cody turned 18 on Jan. 1st 2009. I have watched him grow up for the last 7 years. I didn't know him before that but know he has been challenged with different issues and circumstances that have held him back on some areas toward being a young man, he is immature but I see maturity in him. He has always been so little, and my kids have always towered over him, and now he is actually almost as tall as Destiny. He has grown into a young man physically, and matured a great deal from when I first met him. He has great potential to be an awesome adult and I hope he stays focused and continues to work toward being just that. I am proud to have Cody as part of my family and have enjoyed the smiles he has brought my way. His personality is CRAZY! He is hilarious. He is quick witted, and has a memory that is amazing. With all of the wonderful characteristics he has, I wish only that he continue to mature so as he may be able to provide for himself, and have a family of his own some day. I believe he is capable and has the ability to succeed in any endevor he wishes. I love him, and I am very proud of him, and who he is as an individual. Only he can decide his own future now, but I hope he knows that I think highly of him, and I personally believe in him. I have seen his potential, and continue to see it in him! He is my oldest son. He frustrates me sometimes, he drives me crazy sometimes, and if he lived with me he would be in trouble a lot of the time..... but he is like a son to me. I want nothing but happiness for him. Reach for it Cody Dog and Achieve it! You can do it!

I love you and I am proud you. Oh yeah... Roll Tide!!!!

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