Sunday, January 31, 2010

About blogging

1. How long have you been blogging? Since 2006 (see my original blog TonyaTime for items before November 2009).
2. What made you start? I ran across a friend of mine from wayyyy back when and saw she had a blog. I spent a little time reading hers and saw that it could be a neat thing to have my own. At that time and actually for years later I never realized the size of the blogging community out there. Now I am more frequently blogging and I look forward to making new bloggin' friends.
3. Who inspired you? That said friends blog was Karmabuena. I later was very interested in reading a few other friends blogs The Anvil Tree, Aisforaardvark, and the ever popular Pioneer Woman.
4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog? oh it varies sometimes 1 hr sometimes 5 or more. Depends on the mood, the world around me and my thoughts at any given time. I do spend a lot of time on my Simply Review site as it takes me a while to do those reviews.
5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing? HaHaHaHaHa that is hilarious. I am not writer, I have no experience and if you have bothered to read any of my posts you know this! I enjoy telling folks about me and my thoughts on things.... this is why I write here.
6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas? Something that is going on around me, articles I have read about that sparked an interest, and well anything that comes to mind at the time.
7. What or who inspires you and your blog? I guess my family since I write more about myself and my family than anything. Life in general is what my blog is basically about.
8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog? I have a running list of movie blogs for my review, on that list sometimes I will add a thought that I had to blog about on my main blog, other times something just pops in my head and I go right then and make a blog post about it.
9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow? to be open and honest
10. Is there anything you will not blog about? I blog about more personal things than I should, I will pretty much blog about anything, I will not however blog hurtful things about people or make fun of others misfortunes.
11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic? I publish as the thought hits me, no routine or schedule.

Me time FAIL

Ok, so I did not pamper myself as I said I would do this weekend. I guess laziness got the best of me. I have had a nice weekend, but haven't done or accomplished much of anything, maybe THAT is exactly what makes this weekend nice. I can get away with doing nothing.

I will bitch about my laziness on another day I am sure of it, but today I will simply enjoy this day and not fret over the small things.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo Feb. 2010

Gearing up for a new NaBloPoMo Feb. 2010, because they say the biggest blogging month is Febuary and I just want to do it. It has a theme "ties" not sure about this whole thing if that means I have to talk about ties the entire month every post? Or what? Anyone out there who may know can feel me in. Otherwise I will put a little section on each post this month mentioning something about ties.

TIES: I am tied to my blog for the month of Febuary. I want to make a post every day this entire month. I hope to be tied to more friends by doing so and meet some interesting people in the blog world.

Now this may not be the only post for the day but this one is for NaBloPoMo. :)


Let's talk about ME, me, ME, Me

My roots are now over an inch long with an uncomfortable amount of gray blended in. I have not colored my hair since around October so there is a reason for such a horrible site. I neglect myself horribly and there is no reason or excuse.

Maybe its just laziness.

I haven't painted my nails (fingers or toes) since well before Christmas.

I am aware that some women would faint at such a realization but I am not that fancy smancy type.

However, like all women it makes me feel good to pamper myself.

It is not a hard task to do. For example plucking eyebrows, they need it badly, it only takes a few minutes, I can do it while watching TV for heaven sakes but I wait until there is no way to go without doing it before it gets done.

Sometimes I feel I am the only woman in the world who neglects herself so much, but then I stop and think, there is no way I am the only one. There are too many mothers out there and if you are mom you are instinctual trained your needs and wants fall second to others needs and wants.

I believe my self deterioration began when I had babies so young. I remember a time I never left the house without full make-up and spending 20 minutes on the hair (before age 18). Now I shower, get ready with a dab of makeup and a brief fix of the hair all in 20 minutes (after age 19). I rush to get ready even when I have no need to rush. I don't even have a job and I rush to get ready when I am home alone all day and having nothing other to do than pamper myself. It had to have began when I was rushing to get two children ready and take them two different places before going to work, rushing home to tend to them, feed them, clean after them and bath them all to be so exhausted when I was done that I could absolutely care less about my hairy legs and they can wait another damn day, only to find it had been almost a week and my legs would resembled a porcupine. I HAVE TIME NOW and for the looks of it will continue to have time rather I work or not since my children no longer need me to bath, dress, or even feed them. I just need to re-train myself that it is ok to indulge in myself. It is ok to spend hours on end playing with my hair to find new styles, trying new make up techniques to feel unique and beautiful, panting my nails and then taking it off and re-painting if I didn't particularly like that end result. It is ok to soak in the tub for an hour if I want to. It is ok to take the time even if it interferes with others wants and needs to go for a walk, or pop in an exercise disk and have them watch me sweat, moan and cry to try to complete the exercise (at least it is something for me). No one cares if I do these things! T-Bone tells me all the time to do whatever I want, he is totally supportive of anything I want or need to do. My kids do things on their own a lot we have to almost make family time together so they wouldn't mind if I said I am going to spend the next two hours doing nothing but taking care of me, they would feel I deserve it too. I am the only one who neglects me. Old habits are hard to break.

Example: I worked at a dry cleaners, if I had 1000 shirts to press in a day, it didn't matter if I finished in 6 or 8 or 10 hours I got paid for 8 hours. On the most part this job was AWESOME! I could go in as early as I wanted, sometimes 4 am and I would get off as early as I wanted depending on hard I work. On average we pressed 700-1000 shirts a day (no lie) but with heavy industrial presses and such you can knock out 150 to 200 shirts in an hour basically because you have three presses running at once. Anyway, back to my point. I would grab a bite to eat as quickly as possible as to not have to miss out on actually work time to get to go home that much earlier. This during the time that my kids were babies, I was working in a sweat shop literally, and it would have been a waste of time to put makeup on or fix the hair going into that place every day. So I never got fixed up to go to work, and it was acceptable to go to work wearing shorts and a tank top because even in the winter time it was 100 degrees in that place. I didn't give myself time to eat lunch so I made a habit of scarfing my food down as quickly as possible. I also made a habit of not getting fixed up. I worked at this place for 6 years. I have since grown into different fields and different responsibilities all to which have made it damn near impossible to re-train myself, due to the time frames I was given.

I am 33 years old. I am a beautiful person inside and out and I deserve to fix these horrible habits and make time for myself. I have blogged about doing this for far too long, I will do it once and forget about me again, and do it again and forget about me. Maybe now I can re-train myself.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Liar Liar pants on a fire

I may not be perfect, but a liar I am not. I can not stand a dishonest person. I can not stand those who put others down to get ahead. I have worked extremely hard in my life, started young with my family (age 19) worked my way through college, put forward excellent performances in most any task I take. There are those who want what you have and will lie, cheat and steal to get it. All they have to do is put forth a little effort of their own and they could have it, I mean have it better something they feel proud and accomplished for because they actually worked for it. I am sorry but you feel good about yourself when you set goals and standards for yourself and achieve them. How can anyone feel proud for lying, backstabbing, dishonesty? I do not understand these people. I have made mistakes, I own up to my mistakes. I am not claiming here that I am better than most, hell I am human. But I can not think of one single time where I hurt a friend or co-worker or anyone really to try to get ahead, and better myself through their pain. I may say something you don't like I am entitled to my opinion. I may say something hurtful, but I am trying to be upfront and honest because I rather not spend days on end trying to keep up with a lie. You ask me a question and you get the answer. Not some dishonest version of what I may think is the truth, but the true actual fact if I know the answer. I don't then I may tell you I don't know or direct you to the person or a resource who may know. I don't repeat others false accusations either, because that is only spreading that lie, and if I don't know it as a fact then I can't repeat it.

There is no way someone 10 years younger than me without children or the education I have in my field can know more about a specific training or family matter I have endured because its just not possible, unless you have been there and done it. So someone who is a know it all pisses me off too. You may know it all in your field and in situations you have been dealt but not in the same situations I know them so you will never know more than me. In all honestly NO one knows more than ANYONE else, because we all know so many different things.

I have been told someone has out right lied about something. I have been known to speak my mind which I do and I do honestly. If I have a beef with you, you know it. But, there is one person who is no longer a part of my life (by my choice) who I have a beef with and they don't know it..... I so want to march over and give them a piece of my mind and tell em' how I see it and just to get my point across. But I wont... because it wont do any good. I know I am right, and honest, and I know who I am and what I have said and done and I am not ashamed of who I am. I am proud of myself for my accomplishments and what I have yet to achieve as I am not done yet. I will be a bigger person and have this little vent on my own personal blog and let that be that. Life goes on, I am done and moving past it all...... Just let it be known I hate a liar! I hope your britches burn your butt when they catch on fire!



I am done with today.

I want my family home and I want it to be tonight.

(wiggle nose like Samantha on Bewitched)

Damn it never works!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Note to self

How many people make notes to themselves? I make notes and lists all the time. One thing I do though is misplace the list/note to self. I have found that just writing it down makes it easier to remember what I need to or would like to get done. But, one way to make life easier is by emailing your self things. I check email daily. With Gmail I can even put little stars by things of importance and organize them until I get them done. I email myself about bills, chores, schedules and things that need to be done, and anything else that comes to mind like a video I might want to check out, a song I may want to listen to or find, a thought I might have that I want to blog about (I used to write these down, lose them and forget about them... and there was some pretty awesomeness in those lost blog categories I am sure of it). So, if you by chance are a weirdo like me, its a great solution to the notes everywhere.


Ok I am someone who has liked and enjoyed watching LOST that is until about the 3 rd Season and I started thinking to myself there is no friggin' way they are going to tie all this stuff up correctly because it was spun in too many different directions. The more I watch it the more I am glad it is almost over. I mean I have to finish the series because I need to know what the heck happened since I am so LOST and I would hope that all the hours I spent watching this show will be justified in this last season.

But, seriously there are too many unanswered questions and after reading some blogs about it and digging a little deeper I have came to the conclusion that the writers were making shit up as they went on, with no purpose. And there will be several unanswered mysteries by the end of the series.

I mean what good is suspense, mystery and all the wasted hours we put into the series if they leave things unanswered? Sawyer was hot and maybe that is enough... yeah well he was shirtless most of the time so yeah that is worth something, but still... give us the answers we have waited so patiently for.

Here is a video someone put together that had me rolling in laughter it says exactly what I am trying to say here.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All movie channel(s) HD I ♥ you

Old classic movies= the best.

If you would have asked me to sit through a black and white old movie 10 years ago I would have out right laughed at you. This was me then, now that is about all I want to watch. Big change in me, what happened was I watched a few terrific old movies, fell in love with James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and oh so many more REAL MEN! These movies show real acting ability and I am mesmerized while watching them.

We look ahead and DVR up several old movies that are on the movie channels in HD for us to view whenever we like. We have watched so many absolutely AWESOME movies by checking these channels often: MGM HD, TCM HD, AMC and more. Watching the quality films in HD changes them.... they are so beautiful, clear and what I would call crisp, that you simply get lost in them.

Don't get me wrong I love the newer movies out too, and there are some that blow me away like Avatar (WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE). But, these older movies I have a different love for, one that I never thought I would have and they make me feel all good inside watching them. There are thousands that I have never viewed and many that I have and I look forward to watching them all. I love the silly 60's comedies, the older 40's and we even have recently DVR'd a silent movie to watch from the 20's which I look forward to watching.

I have been doing my movie reviews here, so I can recall some of the films, we are watching so many I don't want to ever forget these, so now I can recall them whenever I want. It's a lil' hobby that will be beneficial for myself over time (I do not claim to be a actual movie reviewer lol but feel free to check it out if you want my honest opinion and thoughts on flicks).

I strongly recommend if you have the HD movie channels that I have mentioned to sit down one evening with your significant other, your family, your dog or all of these combined and pop some popcorn kick back with a blanket, and watch an old classic in HD it will surely be an evening that you will find yourself repeating whenever life allows you to.

Sleep addiction?

Well me and sleep have always got along just wonderfully! I can't go with out it and it won't let me go without it.

The past two days I have slept like really really late! Like 11:20 yesterday and Oh My Goodness 12 pm today! ACK RIGHT! I literally just got up 13 minutes ago, hehe I feel like those nights when I was younger and use to party all night and sleep all day.

I have good reasons for the late beauty sleep. I am not sleeping at night. Poor Thomas hasn't been sleeping at night either and he has to get up and go to work the next day. Where I do not (because I am a bum and have no damn job). So what would any bum do? Sleep when the house is empty and you are sleepy right? Why do I feel so guilty for doing this? I didn't have an interview today, I have resumes/applications out there, the house isn't a total wreck and I can get chores done today even though I slept late, why do I feel so bad? Because he is at work, Kids are at school and I slept almost the entire day away! I went to bed at 7:40 am after dropping the kiddos off, and got up at 12:00 pm. I have always enjoyed my sleep and could easily sleep 10 hours a damn day if the world would let me, this is a perfect example of why I need sleep. If I don't get it, my body, sleep, and the world will demand it. So it stole it from me the last two days.

I need to get off this thing now, and accomplish something since I only have like 3 hrs and 20 minutes before the kiddos get home.

Monday, January 25, 2010


No not my kiddos... ME! I have not enrolled in school or anything, but I am studying like a crazy woman and learning lots of new things. I plan to study up and take some test to see if I can get some certifications for a new career.

I feel my wheels turning in my head and it feels good.

I have been losing my memory for many years now and I may have found the reason why. My days consist of work that was not challenging to my brain.... but stressful, chores that never seem to end, time with family and all that was good.... but no time to learn anything and actually use the brain you know. This weekend has me feeling smarter all the sudden. The brain does still work... WHEN I USE IT! haha.

I forgot how much I enjoy learning new things. I use to dabble on web design/ html stuff and it was exciting trying to figure it out but never started with the basics and tried to actually learn that... I just jumped in and started trying things and it was fun. This is different. I am learning, like really figuring out some stuff. Give me a few weeks and I will have mucho knowledge on this stuff. I needed something to give me a reason for being and something to give me a goal to reach, and this is just that! Thanks to T-Bone for hooking me up with all the study material and giving me encouragement to pursue this.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready. set. go!

Ok I have accomplished more today than I have most of the week. I got up and got dressed (GO ME! ). I cleaned up the house, including that messy ass bedroom I had been neglecting (Go me again). I put in several applications online and have two places to go in person to apply on Monday, by then I may have more because of Sunday's job listings (Go me). I am ready for something good... I am setting myself up for something awesome... now GO!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A No Go

I was hoping deep inside myself that my breath of fresh air lady would hire me. She seemed to like me so well during all the correspondences. I made it through every part of her hiring process to have her choose another at the end. Its like a love affair you give your all too and they decide they love someone else over you! Its heartbreaking. I got a Dear Tonya letter ending it all, a wait of that has been almost two months to and in the back of head I was hopeful... really hopeful, but now that hope is gone.

Oh enough sobbing over this, its time to move on. Her loss. I am an awesome employee, I know this, My previous employees know this, my family know this and soon my new employer will know this!

Just sayin'

Leno is funny in his own way, but Conan has my heart. Conan has been screwed over... at least he did get a nice buy out of his contract. He earned the right to that seat and has been doing a great job there, and because Leno decides he wants to come back Conan loses his spot. He did his leg work and worked to get that spot, and because Leno's health has returned and he is ready to come back out to the work force he gets his old job back? That doesn't happen in the real world, only in TV land. Hopefully Conan's career will strive to be more than it has been and all of this will only set him up for better things.

His last show will be this Friday with guests Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell and Neil Young, I will be sure to catch that show and will bad sad to see his last night to host The Tonight Show.


The next best thing to a vacation, is a staycation.

What my staycations days are like mostly.
* Take kiddos to school.
* Come home and some days go back to sleep for an hour, others just pick up the laptop.
* Search for all job sites to see if there is anything new I can apply for, apply online, mail resume or make a list of those that I need to go to in person.
* Visit facebook for a split-second (it bores me lately).
* Go to my google reader and read what all happening in the world ( I mean the blog world, but sometimes the real world too).
* Get up and start on some house chores (but get tired of that) and then go back to the computer.
* Listen to music and stare blankly at the windows media player screen.
* Before I know it more time has past buy and its only a couple of hours before the kids get home.
* I forget to eat, so then decide I need to eat something so as not to over eat later.... (I over eat later anyway)
* I make lists of things I need to do, like pay bills, go pick up supplies at the store, make a bank deposit, clean the house and in what order I want to clean the house, but I still don't do anything.... its just list of lists that I do.
* Plan what I am going to fix for dinner.
* Do more house work (never to do a great job or actually finish it, just enough to get by).
* Pop an exercise DVD in and do a little exercise.
* Talk to the dog.
* Cook dinner.
* Clean up from dinner.
* Shower and get dressed into more staycation clothes (since I never bothered to get dressed today) and spend time with my family.

This is my daily routine or has been most days that I don't get up and get out of the house. If I actually get out of the house for say an interview or testing and get all fancied up then.... that is still all I accomplish on that day. I did that so that means the rest of the day is useless.

I need to make more of my time at home, and get out of this damn funk!

Anyday could be my last day of this staycation so I need to be living it up to the fullest and doing all I want/need to do. But, if I don't do everything I feel I need/want to do IT IS OK! I'm on staycation!

I will just kick my own ass after my first week back to work and all hell has broke loose everywhere because I didn't do shit on my staycation.

To avoid that ass kickin' (because I can do some good ass kickin' if necessary) I think maybe the rest of the staycation I should strive to take care of some business... because I have been one lazy heifer lately.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It ain't all bad!

I managed to get off my ass after that last post and get crackin'. I pulled off cleaning up the kitchen, finishing up the laundry (almost 1 more load to go, even watched the bedding). Cleaned up after Rueben, (ya'll seriously he is worse than a 2 year old with draggin' out "toys" and he is stubborn when it comes to putting them away too) cleaned in the bedroom (some, it needs more work still) and did a 2 miler WATP DVD, did 6 different strength training exercises and did 2 reps of 30 for each, did 10 minutes of stretching, ate dinner and fed the children, took a shower and now am sitting down again. I can kick ass when I get motivated to do it. It feels good too!

Tomorrow will be a big day, maybe something good will come from it, if not I will try to stay motivated and busy!

I am going to sit here and read in my Sparkpeople book until American Idol comes on, the kids and I like to watch that show together. :) Thomas has a class and wont be home until later tonight (pout), but I will be here waiting with bells on (minus the bells) when he gets home (wink wink).


Delaying the inevitable is what I have been doing most of the day, well most of the week. When I first lost my job and had all this time on my hands I spent it catching up on much needed house cleaning, getting ready for Christmas and putting out resumes. I felt like Little Miss Do All and felt like I was accomplishing so much.

The past week I can't seem to do ANYTHING! I mean time is slipping past me before I know it. What have I accomplished today, its a pathetic list:
1) Took my kiddos to school.
2) I managed to go through the house and gather dirty laundry.
3) I managed to sort and wash 3 loads (and still have 4 more to finish).
4) Ate a bagel.
5) I talked to my dad (he has a back issue and I may be going to help him this week).
6) Emailed my favorite man (betcha wonder who that is, hehe).
7) Spoke with a company about coming and taking another test (scheduled for tomorrow.... wish me luck because I need a job).
8) Ate left over sausage and gravy for lunch lol weird I know but I wasn't starving and there was just a lil' bit left and I thought well that will satisfy me until dinner and it will keep it from going to waste.
9) Hello blog. That is it, can't think of a thing else I did... oh wait... I did put in a few applications online in the midst of all this hustle (haha).

What a freakin' crazy lazy day. I feel drained like I have done too much and I have not done A DAMN THING! I am beginning to think that its a depressed state. I am happy and filled with joy when people are around me, but when I am home I do nothing but mope around. Can't find a rhythm to get in, can't seem to accomplish anything. I mean my house should be cleaner now then it was two months ago when I was working full time, but its actually worse. How'd that happen? I truly don't know other than my mood playing a role in my accomplishments.

It is 2 pm now and my kids will be home in a little over an hour. Now, I will get off may ass when I finish this post and get some housework accomplished, but it wont be deep down stuff, just that top layer that has to be done every damn day.

Tomorrow I will go take the test, come back and try to accomplish something else. I need to go back to work, I need a job. I am not the stay at home type person, this just makes me extremely lazy. UGH!

While I wait for that job to come along... maybe I can try to regain some focus and get a few things accomplished this week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

God Bless them all! What a "biblical tragedy". If I only had a job myself I would donate money, but I can't take food from my own children right now. If I only had a way I would go to Haiti and donate my time to help in any way. I am just useless or feel that way... that was until Pioneer Woman posted made this post and now I feel that I may not have done much but make a comment to a post, but I have helped contribute in ways that I otherwise could not have thanks to her generosity.... I know every one's thoughts are with the people that have been effected by this tragedy.

My man loves me

He just sent me a mail that said, Feb 28th at the BJCC we will be going to see Eric Clapton, he got tickets from our friend Lawanda. I love them both!!!

Since I have a little something to look forward to..... here is a play list of some of his music.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

I am happy! :) This is how my life is wonderful, I get down and feeling blue and someone who loves me spoils me! haha. I don't have to be spoiled with fancy things, a simple gesture like him saying "you sure are pretty" that does it for me usually, but this..... this ROCKS. I ♥ him so much, for the lil and big surpises all. I am the luckiest gal.

Some things are GREAT while others SUCKETH

So I took a week hiatus from my blog to do..... well nothing.

Since I am in need of gainful employment and my house is a disaster I can think of nothing that kept me from my blog.... other than a lack of things to contribute.

I am starting to feel like my contributions to my family are minimal too. Just blah, in a funk and trying to get out of it.

I have applied for several positions.... one in particular I really wanted and have started to feel like I may not have a chance at it. What kills me about this whole job market thing is that I have tons of experience.... I feel I can do ANYTHING, but folks don't seem to want to call to even see why I applied. I understand I am applying for clerical/administrative type work, I know I have a medical background...... friggin' call me to find out why I applied. Maybe I am willing to take less salary, maybe I am willing to do A LOT of things, you don't know if you don't even call for a darn interview with me. Without that face to face or telephone interview then I may be screwed because THAT my friend is where I sell myself. I am wanting a total change in career, I am not wanting to return to the medical field, but I will do that, I will do many other things. I type 75 wpm have wonderful organizational, clerical and even people skills. I know how to problem solve and tons of experience in so many different areas. I have been on one interview since I left my last employment. What is up with these people. Anyway its starting to get to me. I know something with come, but its taking longer than I had thought it would to just get calls from people interested in my awesomeness.

Thomas stayed home one day with me and we went to Tim's Cajun Kitchen to get their famous wings... (Note they are in no way contributing this free ad that I am offering them). Their wings are crispy... I hate a soggy wing. They are crunchy and you can make them as hot as you want with their delicious hot sauce. That being said after we devoured our portions of wings w/ fries at the restaurant we ordered an additional serving to take home... that was what we had for dinner last night. It was yummy. So Thomas, me and my tummy thank you for taking us to get those wings! Now I need to focus more on healthy eating. But damn those wings were wonderful. (who blogs about food so much?).

We have been watchin' mucho movies/tv shows around the home front lately, check my simply reviews page to see some of the reviews I have done. Whew! There are a lot that I have catch up on as I have a running list here of all the posts I need to make to that page, so keep tuned in there as I update.

Rueben is the sweetest puppy in the world. Trixie is coming around to him. My family is awesome. Desmond made Straight A's and Destiny only had one B on her report card and she is in Pre-DP classes so this is excellent! Thomas still spoils me and treats me like a queen all is so well its hard to believe I would be in such a funk.

I don't depend on him to take care of me, never have in 7 years but if I don't find a job like really soon, or don't get my 401K/profit sharing check in soon... I will be totally relying on him. Some women do this without a problem, some women don't work at all, but me..... this thought is freakin' me out. I have never depended on a man, Never had one support me or my kiddos for that matter. Hell I have two kids by two different men and don't receive ANY child support because they are such deadbeats. But now I do not have a job. I can't remember not having a job. I worked at McDonald's when I was 15 years old and worked there until I graduated high school.... I remember my brother having to drive me to work, until I was old enough to get my license. I am a worker, I am starting to feel depressed and have very blah moments staying home. Now, I have plenty to keep me busy..... but my mood is making it hard to do those things. Thomas is wonderful and very supportive and insures me that things will be ok, he is amazing. But, me....oh well let me put my positive thought back in place.... I should not have a hard time finding a job, I am lost without one, surely something wonderful will come from all of this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Southern Fried Snark

Hello! If you are not watchin' you are missin' out! These two women are just snarky!

You may find them on:
Twitter @sthrnfriedsnark
Facebook @ Sthrnfriedsnark
They have a website SouthernFriedSnark
Sarah on her blog The Anvil Tree
Ronda on her blog Aisforaardvark
They have worked very hard to put on an awesome show... so tune in on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9 pm CST to catch them live!
They talk about varied topics that are in the headlines, and things they just want to snark about. Right now they are giving away prizes to their audience. This blog was a product of their contests, they asked that people blog about them..... I would have done this without the possibility of winning a prize. They ROCK!

Monday, January 4, 2010

18 years old

Cody turned 18 on Jan. 1st 2009. I have watched him grow up for the last 7 years. I didn't know him before that but know he has been challenged with different issues and circumstances that have held him back on some areas toward being a young man, he is immature but I see maturity in him. He has always been so little, and my kids have always towered over him, and now he is actually almost as tall as Destiny. He has grown into a young man physically, and matured a great deal from when I first met him. He has great potential to be an awesome adult and I hope he stays focused and continues to work toward being just that. I am proud to have Cody as part of my family and have enjoyed the smiles he has brought my way. His personality is CRAZY! He is hilarious. He is quick witted, and has a memory that is amazing. With all of the wonderful characteristics he has, I wish only that he continue to mature so as he may be able to provide for himself, and have a family of his own some day. I believe he is capable and has the ability to succeed in any endevor he wishes. I love him, and I am very proud of him, and who he is as an individual. Only he can decide his own future now, but I hope he knows that I think highly of him, and I personally believe in him. I have seen his potential, and continue to see it in him! He is my oldest son. He frustrates me sometimes, he drives me crazy sometimes, and if he lived with me he would be in trouble a lot of the time..... but he is like a son to me. I want nothing but happiness for him. Reach for it Cody Dog and Achieve it! You can do it!

I love you and I am proud you. Oh yeah... Roll Tide!!!!


Thomas did it. He made a snow maker. Here are some photos from the first night he made snow at our house. I love it!

Here is a big icicle he got from his efforts out side.... Come to the white side... haha

Some icicles handing on a branch.
See the snow falling!

Snow accumulating on the light strands

The man with his snow maker!

I enjoyed the heck out of watching the yard fill up with snow, its nice to know we can do this whenever the weather is right rather mother nature wants us too or not! :) Next time I am going to catch some for snow cream.

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010

Well this year has held so much already, its hard to find time to post. Here a few things that has happened

Cody's Birthday and New Year's day with family.

Thomas and his brothers Brian and Mark

My marvelous family

Thomas made a snow maker. Not just any snow maker....the most awesomeness snow maker around! haha.

Thomas and his snow maker!

The snow maker doing it's thang

It looks like a blizzard

Thomas, look at the snow blow

A big icicle Thomas found in after blowing the snow.... he says "come over to the white side" haha... "may the snow be with you"...ahhh my lil' Jedi

More icicles


The next day... that my friend, is a strand of Christmas lights covered in snow!

My mom came to visit with us, and she got to watch the snow fall too.

She brought tequila because she loves me!

Here she is with Destiny!

Here is her car covered in snow... it is normally bright red!

My mom said I could have her baby as she works all the time and is unable to spend as much time as she would like with him, his name is Reuben. We went to pick him up on Sunday Jan. 3rd. He has been such an awesome little fella. I just love him so much. He is so sweet and caring, and loving and friendly anyone would have to love him!

Introducing Reuben.... he does have eyes I promise

She puts bows in my hair!!! HELP!!! :-P

4. I have been trying to potty train Reuben in this cold weather and it is not going so well, it will get better I am sure of it.

Burrrr he says!

Kiddos went back to school on Wed. I planned on hitting the job hunt head on, on this day..... but my man was home with me so I procrastinated doing so and had a lovely day home with him instead.
6. Second day kiddos are back in school... a day to hit the job hunt again.... but mother nature throws us snow! I didn't want to be out and about and have to stop what I was doing to pick up the kiddos because.... schools in Alabama are infamous about closing. Sure enough... the schools closed at 11:30 am. Another day thrown away. But, Desmond and I got to play in the snow.

Look at him trying to hide that snow ball

OH NO!!! he is going to get me

Look at that smile

The canoe helped him gather big snowballs!

I made a snow man. He doesn't have much to him because he is only 3 inches tall (hehe) The most teeniest tiniest snow man evah!

Now that I have caught everyone up on my life over the last few days.... maybe I will post more often.