Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

For the first year my mom, Dad and Step mom all came and stayed the night to be at our house first thing Christmas morning. It was such a wonderful thing just having the family here. Thomas' mom Cathy and nephew Cody came over this morning to open presents too so we each took turns opening present individually and it was wonderful... the icing on the cake... it has snowed. I mean about 3 inches here at my house for Christmas.... the first White Christmas of my life!

Now I already received the best presents I thought I could get having my family here and everything turn out so nice, that was until I started opening actual presents lol I am sooooo spoiled and I know this now. I could not believe the gifts I have received! Thomas got me Zumba for the PS3 move which I opened and played on Thursday (told ya I was spoiled). Then, I got a watch from Thomas' aunt Becky that was beautiful, my kiddos went and picked out a necklace for me that has a heard and is adorable, they pooled their money and bought it for me together. Thomas' mom (Cathy) got me emerald and diamond hoop earrings that are absolutely beautiful, My dad and Karen got me a wine server (yum yum yummy!).... spoiled ROTTEN I tell ya!

Then comes the first wrapped present from Thomas. Its a card, A "naughty" card that makes me chuckle, and he talks about a Naughty Trip that we are going to take, and inside is two tickets to go see .... ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?????  LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knows I adore her and her music.   Her music makes me feel young and alive and always makes me want to shake my booty! :)  HE blew my mind with this gift.  I never expected it.  I had to read on the tickets to find out what it was and when I read her name I screamed it "LADY GAGA!!!".  That was totally awesome!  It is in Nashville in April so now I have something else to look forward to!    One of the funniest things was listen to my Dad  saying he didn't even know who Lady Gaga was (How could they not lol).   Cracked me up! 

Now for the last gift I opened.  Another surprise from Thomas.  He got me the new kindle (black) with a leather cover that has a light built in it.  This present ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so have been eyeing it every time I seen one somewhere I would say "there is the new kindle".  I even said it just the other day!  I look at it all the time but I have a kindle (my daddy gave me and I love it!) so I would have never bought myself a new one.... but Thomas thought I should have it since I was eyeing it so much and knew how much I loved reading on it.  I love love love this gift. Right now, I am updating with my books from my other kindle! :)

I am so wonderfully happy inside.  Its not the gifts. Its the love and time we have shared this Christmas! It has been absolutely perfect!

I will try to get pics up soon, and I hate that I haven't blogged anything since before our Trip to Florida until now... but its only been a few weeks!!!!  I miss Heather and Darin and so wish they were closer or we were closer lol or something like that!!!  And that trip was one to go down in the books as one of the absolute best times of my whole entire life! :)  More on that later (hopefully) time is getting away from me lately.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Ok it is here! I am officially on vacay.  I may  not be at the beach  yet... but I am already off to a good start.
I have wayyyyy to much to do but too blessed to be stressed!

I did just get through shocking my hair, its darker than I intended.  I did really mean to go to the beach all Goth Style, but oh well lol its just hair and at least it isn't grey!

I still have to pack as I haven't packed the first item yet.

I have to go get my mom tomorrow and bring her back here.  Thankfully she will be watching after the kiddos for me.

I was going to go buy some groceries for the family for the week, but have decided to just give them some money and let them go after we are on our way..... this would save me a couple of hours of time tomorrow.

I need to do some household chores like laundry.

I need to do my toes and nails.

I need to make my mom a lists of emergency contacts for the kiddos/pets and make sure she has their insurance information and such.

I need to get my camera batteries all charged up, get all my "gear" together and update my mp3 player. 

ACK.. NO no no too blessed to stress... I am going to the beach with some really really super awesome super cool fantastic people.  There will be time tomorrow to get it all done as the rest of tonight is going to be lazy time, relaxing and letting the fact that I am off of work for the next ten whole days sink in real good! :)

Oh yeah tomorrow is also the SEC championship game which I have to make time for!

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be on a plane for the first time in over 9 years.  I am a little nervous, not about the flight but the airport and the riggamaroar from it all.  I am hopeful everything goes as planned and no glitches are thrown our way... WE NEED A STRESS FREE TRIP! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Someone somewhere is listening

Ok... so I panicked for nothing.  My son has decided to stay home with me! He said "I was just mad mom".  He also apologized and told me he loved me and spoke with his daddy and told him he really didn't want to live there he was just mad at the moment.

Now.  If we can avoid this again in the future I will be extremely happy! But for now I am pretty flippin happy as it is! :)

I leave for wonderful trip with some awesome friends in only 3 days... I have tons, I mean tons to do. I haven't started packing, I have to buy groceries for the next week for the family, I have to go get my mom who is going to watch my babies for me while I am gone... I have to clean the house, I have to do laundry... ACK! Tomorrow morning is my early day also so I am really pushing my time limits.

I will be ok.  The trip will be one to go down in the books... and I am beside myself with excitement and joy!

Pssstttt I am also very thankful for my answered prayers! :) God is good to me!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The dreaded day has come

My son wants to live with his dad.  I am still processing this.  I am terribly sad and heartbroken over this and don't know how I will get through it.  I hope he is just venting and talking and never really does it.  But, I wont change my rules and ways of raising my children to please him, I feel he needs guidance... routine.... structure and to be pushed in the right directions as far as grades and responsibilities. 

He is my baby, I love him beyond words and it hurts my heart so bad that he wants to do this.  I told him he had to finish out this school semester since there are only 3 weeks of school left.  He spoke with his Dad and then I did,  his dad has to get him enrolled in school there, new friends, new school everything.... his dad has to have health insurance on him and his dad has to grow up and be much more responsible himself to be able to care for him full time.  I pray for them both.  I am scared to death! Not for the present so much as for the future.  Who my son will be.  How this change will dramatically change him? My fear has validation, and I hope he will change his mind. 

Guess we will see how it all plays out.  Who  knows it might be fun to have him every other weekend and get to do fun things with him and not have to push so many responsibilities and just enjoy him his weekends with me? But, I doubt that will ever be enough to make my heart happy.  I will miss him terribly and sure hope, I pray, beg and plead with anyone who will listen to make him change his mind.  But, I wont beg and plead with him. I simply say I think he is making a mistake, he is right he is old enough to legally make the decision of who he wants to live with and I am terribly sorry he feels like he would be happier there but I will not stand in his way of what happiness he is trying to find. GOD parenting is so hard! 

I have to get busy at work, I am crying uncontrollably now... children can rip your heart to pieces with never even knowing it, and I now feel sorry for my own parents and my own decisions through out my life.

Please pray for me....better yet.... pray for my son!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beginning - Christmas 2010

Well Here we go again... its that time of the year. Thomas is out busting his tail on putting up around 18,000 lights that will be animated and I worked on some door art, and helped him some.... but I had to do laundry too lol.

I decided spur of the moment to go all out and decorate our door this year, all of the sudden... while we were at walmart just on a whim... I bought all of this crap! lol

But, the finished product does like kinda shnazy :)

Here is some of the start, just to give you the idea of how much work and effort is put into this light show 
 Above are some of the lights for the mega tree (which is still in progress.... maybe it will be up tomorrow and I can post some photos then)
Here you can see one of Thomas' controllers (the sequence box the thing that makes the lights dance to the music).  Also you can see we use our tomato cages to wrap lights on lol it works!

Close up

Close up of of his arches... lots of work went into those

 Candy canes!

Tada!  Ok... the house still needs more lights, the mega tree has to be finished and he is still working on the green grass, but it is all coming together :)

See the multi-colored trees by the cars? I put the lights in those trees. (patting myself on the back lol)

And here is the lighting engineer himself... working on the green grass.... he rocks so hard! :)

The lights on Harrison Stree will be up soon, I will post a link to the website once Thomas has it ready to go this year! :)  Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 22, 2010

He loves me

And I am the luckiest girl in the world! !!

8 years

Happy Anniversary to US!!!
I have been blessed so much in my life.  One of my treasured gifts is the gift of love and companionship that my man gives me.  He loves me as I am, even though I could stand to lose 40 lbs, even though I whine and complain and even bitch and moan sometimes, he still loves me JUST AS I AM!  I know this because he expresses love to me in so many ways.  Always taking time to take me on date nights, still opening my car door for me, rubbing my feet and anytime I curl up next to him he caresses me and expression affection toward me, he spoils me, if there is something he knows I want or would like he will figure out a way to make it happen and he is pretty freakin' awesome at spoiling me. He makes me breakfast in bed (banana pancakes even!).  He makes me laugh.  He tells me I am beautiful. I can be myself with him, and not worry about him not accepting something I say or do. He  may not always agree with me, but I can be me and that says a ton about him right there. 
We have had the best 8 years together. A few rocky patches, what relationship doesn't have that! But, I am proud to say that each rough spot has only brought us closer together and I feel that our relationship has reached a point to stand the test of time and I see us growing old, very old together. 
He brightens up my world!  I mean sure there are times I want to ring his neck... as he will want to do to me also I am sure, but that is the men are from mars and women are from venus situations normally, not anything he does in particular lol other than be a man!  I wouldn't change who he is and I Love him just as he is! :)
I am very happy to have spent these past years with him and have way too many wonderful moments we share together to ever begin to mention them all here in this little post, and I can't wait to see what our future holds together.
I love you, Thomas!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

♪ You think your cooler than me? ♪

The type of cool that is going to see the new Harry Potter movie on opening night at midnight and taking her kids so it can be a fun time with a memory to last forever! I am not that cool.

The coolness that is playing all the hot games on all the hot game consoles we own (PS3, XBOX, WII..) instead of watching them collect dust and be ignored.

The cool person who actually reads the books she buy so she may share/discuss it with her friends.  Yeah on this I fail badly!!!!  I have so many unread books with good intensions to read them it is pathetic

I am going to go back in time this weekend though and you don't get much cooler than that!

I am going to see my daddy on Saturday morning, then going to see Warrant, LA Guns, and Firehouse on Saturday night.  That concert and night out is going to literally take me back in time.  I wish I still had some of my eighties clothing (or even better could still fit my fatt ass in them), I could dress the part and tease the hell out of my hair with the blue eyeliner, Sweater dress w/ huge belt and tights with leg warmers... oh I could so rock that look lol.  I am going to party like it is 1989 or some year  like that!   ♪ She's my cherry pie ♪ oh yeah its going to Rock so HArd lol

Then I get the joy of being off two days next week for Thanksgiving (thankfully).

And even better not too long after that will be chillin my cool self out at the beach of Pompano Beach Florida, and on down into the keys.  So yeah I am cool, cool as a cucumber dipped in ranch (not sure where that came from.. but that is just more of my coolness shining through!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photography- Sunsets

Well we are going to be in beautiful Florida Keys in only 21 days and I am going to be witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets, but have no idea how to capture them with photography because I am new to this sort of thing.

So I ventured out to an area that is normally gorgeous here in Decatur, Al. to try to capture the sunset.  Unfortunetly this evenings sunset was not as spectacular as I have seen lately.... but it will do!

I took the following photos, mostly straight from the camera.... I did use a filter, the original sunset was a golden/hue and the filter made the sunset a pink/purple hue.... but here is my first attempt at photographing a sunset as well as a few others I took while out today.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Banana Pancakes

I absolutely love the song Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.  The laziness in the song, the beat, the way it makes me feel everything about the song is amazing. I sing it often, play it in the car often and everyone who knows me knows I love this song!

My sweet man, spoils me ROTTEN! I mean so bad I must surely stink of rotteness. 

He takes me on one or two date nights weekly because he is so amazing. He loves me even when I am not that attentive to him. He loves me despite the fact the house is messy.  He loves me when I am in a pissy mood.  He makes me smile when I don't really feel like I want to, and when life is not always going well he lifts my spirits up. 

Yes, this man I speak of is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!    I was awakened to breakfast in bed this morning. Not your ordinary breakfast in bed, even though it is never ordinary for a man to do this for his lady.  My man actually got up and made me banana pancakes!  He made caramel syrup to go on top... and they were simply devine.  He said "since I can't sing" when he woke me up, took me a minute (because I am usually slow lol and the fact that I had just woke up... but finally I realize it was more than just breakfast in bed (even though that is spectacular) it was indeed my banana pancakes... so my start of this morning was wonderful and made way for a marvelously lazy day! :-)

I ate up the delicious pancakes then got up and took some photos and decided I would make a video of some of our pictures from this year with that song in the background.... lol I want to remember this morning always and this is a wonderful way to do that! 

So here is the video.
Unfortunetly its the longer version of the song which is not my favorite... just hang on the first two minutes and enjoy the photos... lol the song will pick up!  

I am not good at making videos either... its a bit slow and some photos the effects are messed up lol but I have chores to do and things to get done today before the BAMA game.... and I wanted to share my happiness with the world! :)
I love you Thomas and thank you for making my life special! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010



My life has its ups and downs but I am happy.  My job isn't going as well as it once was, but I am thankful to have a job and steady income.  My kids are growing too fast but this means I am doing my job and so far so good... I am very proud of them.  My man is sexy as hell... we are going to the beach in 3 weeks and he spoils me rotten!!!  I love him so very much.  My dog is fracking awesome..... he lives to please.  My cat is as sassy as I can be and we are a lot alike, there are times I just want to be left alone and well she is always like that lol.  My home is messy and needs improvements but its lived in, full of memories and love, my laundry is never ending but thankfully we all have more close than we need.... What I am saying is... My life is good!  I am blessed beyond measure and even when I am in a bad mood and life is not going well, I have so many reasons to smile!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It is getting close

Luckily as the weather is turning colder the days are getting closer to my trip down to florida.
Flights are booked, car rental is booked, hotel room is booked for Pompano beach (thanks to Heather and her mother's time share), the hotel room for Key Largo is booked (since we will going down to visit with Brad and Lilly one night), the hotel room for KeyWest is booked (since we will venture further down and enjoy the drive, and scenery as well as the night life and sunset/sunrise  in Key West.
I hope to venture into Miami atleast once while we are there it seems to be only 30 minutes from Pompano where we will be staying.
The whole trip expense is adding up because I just keep adding more to it, but its really not so bad.
Flight 500 car 170 room one 140 room two 200 total: 1010... so that is really not bad for a whole week in paradise! :)
That is of course not counting the expensive camera that I bought just to add to my addiction lol.
Luckily all we have left is food/gas/entertainment expense.. so it has all come together.  We have only 29 days left until we arrive at our destination. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One thing that I will not tolerate is my children mis-behaving in public.  It is one thing to mouth at me every now and then and slack on chores some as all teens do this, but it is not and never will be ok to get called to the principles office for inappropriate behavior and be issued a day of ISS  (IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION) OH MY GOD!
Destiny got it once when she was in middle school for chewing gum and I remember coming down her very hard. She didn't even get to go to her CHorus field trip to Six Flags because I felt that her getting ISS (which means she has been warned 2 other times before they issue the ISS) was just ridiculous.  Now it is Desmond's time. This is first time to really get in trouble, but its not that he is in trouble it is what he did.  He wrote on the board of a teacher he dislikes the word PENIS really big before school started.  WHAT? WHAT? HE DID WHAT?  How ridiculous is that?
I figure he did it to be funny, so he could say I did that to his friends or something, but its just our right stupid!
Soooo my poor boy will be spending a day in ISS tomorrow and go two weeks with no xbox, no psp, no tv, and no outside play time.  YEP TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Plenty of time to think on how crazy it was to do something that silly, two weeks to get himself straightened out however he might need to be able to control himself the next time a thought like that pops in his head. 
I worry about some of his influences and I worry about him anyway but never this kind of worry, never worried about him being this ridiculous.  He is a honor student with good grades and normally NEVER gets in trouble at school but now has done this?  yeah.. po Desmond, mommy is ticked.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reading and something constructive

A past time of mine that I thoroughly enjoy but never seem to make time for... yes that would be reading.  I have read many wonderful books and have many more that I have been dieing to read, but can't find time.  I go and buy the books but never break them open.  I have a kindle that I rarely use but I love (how can  that be?).  I have so many things that I simply tell myself there will be time for in the future, but truthfully there will not be any  more time for these things if I don't make the time for them!

Working full time, having children, running a home, having pets, having a hobby (photography), needing to lose weight, needing to seek out a different field for  my career and making time for reading. See making time for reading falls to the bottom of every list I make.

I am cheating now.  However I don't feel like it is cheating because I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I bought the book 'The Help' from  I have it on my mp3 player. I listen to it while I am doing something constructive like cleaning the house, doing laundry or going for a walk.  I LOVE THE WAY THIS STORY IS BEING READ TO ME!  They have different people reading for different characters and it seems like I am a fly on the wall, listening to something that is happening right now.  I have enjoyed it and will use it to motivate me to get up and do something constructive when I really don't want to like right now.  (I have tons to do around the house and I haven't cut this story on in over a week, and I am dieing to get back to it!).  Now that I have found this new way of making time for some reading or some books that I have been wanting to read, hopefully I will find another good listen after this book to keep up the motivation.

I also have been reading (actually holding the book and reading with my own eyes) the last book in the Hunger Games Series 'The Mockingjay".  I loved the first book, the second was good, but the third has lost me somewhere.... I haven't read much of it yet so I hope it will pick up soon.

I have purchased the first two books in the 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' trilogy.... I am hoping these will be good, I haven't begun them because I can't seem to finish what I have already started.

Ok, now its a beautiful Sunday and I want to do anything but chores..... but to make me enjoy the tasks at hand I will be equipped with my mp3 player and "The Help" of a good story.  I don't think its cheating if I am doing something while listening... now if I was sitting on my chair doing nadda and had the mp3 player reading for me lol that would be a pretty serious cheat there.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My baby Boy

All I can say is he is growing and too fast!

I bought school clothes in August, he has outgrown already. He has went from 5'1-2" all the way to 5'4-5"  in just that short of time.

Had to go buy all new clothes for him.... next time he hits a growth like this we are going to thrift stores lol I told him he said "ok as long as the clothes haven't been worn" lol... which tickled my funny bone when he said it.  I love that little "turd head" and love that he is growing because it means he is healthy and such, but he is my baby and I think all moms have a hard time when they see their baby as tall if not taller than themselves. 

Now if he will learn to act as big as he looks.... we will be doing ok. :)

Rental Car

The flight has been booked for some time now.  The car rental on the other we went back and forth on. One or two cars, split the cost or what.  The cost was averaging around 300-400 dollars for the week rental of a mid size car for what we could tell.

Heather said one comment on facebook about us possibly getting two seperate vehicles so we could go our own way if we wanted to.

Well I thought I will look online when I get into work and see how much that would cost (before actually clocking in of course).  I found a steal of a deal immediately through with Enterprise.  I double checked the price. Did a seperate search and everything because it seemed so unreal.  I went ahead and booked it right then and there because it was such a deal.

I got on facebook and saw another post where Heather had done the same thing a few hours earlier than me (which we are on different time zones so that always confuses me if it was actually right at the time I was doing it or how facebook documents those times?) lol anyway... she was typing to me about the deal she had got.  I thought to myself "great minds think a like" because we are so fracking great! :)

Ok the steal?  I have got a rental cal, mid-size for 7 days with insurance and everything for the low price of 168 dollars.  The actual car rental was for only 93 dollars for the entire week! :)  So now we have seperate vehicles for the price of one.  I LOVE IT.  It was just meant for us to go on this vacation and spend this awesome week together... we only have 30 some odd days to go.

I haven't lost a pound though... damnit!  I am going to have blast fluff and all though!

Photography bliss

If you know me, you know I have few obsessions in my life.  One being food, and the other being photography.  However I hate to prepare/cook food, I only enjoy devouring. When it comes to photography, I love it! I love to look at peoples photographs, critique my own, try new and different poses/compositions and even photoshop them (which I refer to as "playing with them" because I have no idea what I am doing lol).  I LOVE LOVE PHOTOS!

And to explain the title here.... I am just in photography bliss.  I got a Nikon D5000 (DSLR) for my brithday May 2010.  I totally admire this camera.  It really does do all the work for me. I can set the aperture, or ISO speed and even use their scene selections or just take a b&w but truthfully no matter if I change a setting or leave it alone, the CAMERA does the work. Is is friggin amazing.  The only downside to having the DSLR is their size and weight.  After lugging this camera around on several family day trips.  I have found that it is hard to maneuver all day long. It is awesome for the "photoshoot" type days, or the days were are going on a scenic view somewhere and I want the BEST photos.... I wouldn't dare take another camera. BUT... yep there is a but.  I plan on going on a trip in December for 7 days.  I know I will tire from taking the DSLR EVERYWHERE all 7 days and fear a photo op may be missed due to my fatigue.  That would be an absolute shame. 

I had a Canon Power shot which I loved... it was a 350 dollar camera that I bought about 2 years ago.  I have taken the majority of my average photos with that camera and LOVED IT... until I killed it.  Yep it is dead, and I am the only one to blame. I had been taking it on the kayak with me knowing it wasn't waterproof, and didn't even put it in a waterproof casing. I simply bought a waterproof box to keep in the boat and pulled the camera out during what I called "safe" zones and took photos and then put it back in the box. This worked on several trips.  That is until one time I forgot to put it  back up and put it around my neck which where I usually keep the point and shoot camera.    I tipped the boat with the dog and instinct had me grab my dog and not my camera lol.  Yep the camera was submerged in water.  I let it dry out before attempting to use it and I thought whew I got by because everything appears fine and cut on properly until I took photos.... then I was sure everything was fine as they appeared fine on the screen.  Until I uploaded them to my PC when I realized that EVERY SINGLE PHOTOS was all grainy and messed up.  That is when I realized that the camera is totally messed up.

I haven't used it since.... but knowing I have this trip coming, and the lugging of the DSLR and how I don't want to be burdened down by photos but want to enjoy the entire trip, and all the photo taking bliss I can stand!  I want a new camera.

Low and behold they are now making LIFE PROOF cameras.  You can get waterproof/drop proof/ freeze proof/dust proof cameras.  Unfortunately Nikon hasn't made one of these cameras yet.  I have researched them for hours to finally have made the purchase. Yep I bought one.  Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2, yep my new baby!  I am expecting in about 4-5 days... Can't wait for the arrival! :)

I picked this camera for its durability and photo quality.  I do feel that the LIFE PROOF cameras may like some of the photo qualities of other point and shoot cameras but as much as we are on the go and doing activities that I MUST SHOOT... I felt the need for this type of camera.  The color? Yep I got it in ORANGE.  Its the color of my kayak and my favorite other than green... it wasn't available in green... but I think I will love this fun color.

Now while my DSLR is safely stored in its case while in the airport/ on the plan/ and probably getting settled to the room... I won't be lacking in photo taking ability because this baby will be around my neck and ready to snap at anytime.    Then I will break out the "big boy" my ever most love for photo shooting for most of the week... but all the while Thomas or I won will be wearing the new baby too. :) OH the possibilities are endless and a trip like this doesn't happen often enough and I want as much as I can have to last a lifetime. :)

I also purchased two extra ion batteries and a car charger for those, as well as a float strap for the camera should I drop in the water/ocean I wouldn't risk losing it forever.

Total for camera, extra batteries and strap and some shipping was $312.00.  Be sure to shop around.  They have this camera listed for 275-300 on many sites and at many stores.  I got it for 249.00 on Amazon. While doing my research and comparison the same thing was happening for most all other cameras.  I got free shipping for the actual camera and small shipping charges on the accessories.  I didn't have to pay the taxes that would be applicable at a local store also.  :) Shopping online rules, but you have to wait for the delivery... patience is virtue.  

Totally excited!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My babies

I had such a marvelous day with my babies today. 

Destiny had spent the night with a friend in Courtland.  I drove about 25 miles to pick her up and 25 miles back to Decatur.  Then we headed toward Meridianville to Tate's Farm for some Cotton pickin' at the pumpkin patch.

The kiddos didn't think they would have fun as they are so much older now than when they went in like 1st grade with school.  They were wrong!  They enjoyed the atmosphere of the day even if they were big for everything, and I enjoyed watching them smile and have fun.

We headed to Bridgestreet from there and walked around, enjoyed some yogurt and watched a 10 year old girl make some pretty cool balloons. She says she taught her self how to do it and that she averages about 70-80 dollars a day up there making balloons for tips, very interesting.

From there we went to a store called Dirt Cheap... it only carries junk really but Destiny found her a t-shirt for $2, a sweatshirt for $7 dollars, a purse for $2 dollars . and she got a zebra print pillow case to use the fabric for making something with the cotton she picked at the farm today.  Desmond found him an xbox controller (new unopened) for $19.95 (which we checked at walmart, that same controller was 39.95, so it was a deal).

We headed to Walmart from there, needed some paper/ a lighter / and hemp for a project Desmond is making for school.  Destiny and I have also debated all day about her hair and we had to pick her up some hair coloring.... I will explain this a little. She came home from her friends dead set on having blue hair.  "Mom please, its a way to express my style and you can't give me a good reason not to".. "mom? you die your hair"... "Mom Please!!!".  I through out all the reasons not to and  I simply said NO to blue hair because I don't want my 15 year old walking around with blue friggin hair. We talked about it and compromised.  I told her I would let her pick out a temporary color to put on her hair, she chose black of all colors lol I should have saw that coming. So yeah we compromised and she is officially happy with the choices we made through our compromise.  Now on to what all else we got at Walmart, we got needle and thread to sew a few items we needed to at home.  Then decided to get some beads to go with the hemp to make some jewelry.

After walmart we decide to eat dinner, so we went for Chinese.  Then made it back home safely thankfully.

I finally did my hair after buying the coloring kit probably 2 weeks ago.  I also did Destiny's hair and it doesn't look bad at all really. I am glad it is only temporary though, she is already wanting it permanent because she LOVES it. lol So we will see.

My babies rock SO HARD! :)


Friday, October 22, 2010


It's about time for that TGIF post, its been a while since I did one.  I am totally excited it is FRIDAY! :)

I have neglected my man, my house, my dog, myself everything this week.  I have tons to do when all I really want to do is go home and get in the bed.  I have been fighting allergies or a bug or something all week and just about coughed up one of my lungs... sooooo yeah, I need a rest just from getting up and going.  Then maybe I can focus on my responsibilities better.

I miss my man too... no date night this week, I like our date nights.  We were going to have a family night last night he had worked out a plan for a movie and such.... but I took off to Fultondale for my Mom's bday, which he totally understood me going but I changed the plans.

I want to go to Arx Mortis and Disturbia and I want to see Paranormal Activity 2.... am I old enough that my wants wont hurt me? NO!! IT will definitely hurt me if I don't get to see at least one of these things.

Had early morning clinic this morning.  Accidentally rang my mom's phone at 5 am lol sure she loved that! Sorry again mom.

Kiddos are home this weekend. I am broke, but I would love to hit a haunted house and paranormal activity.... ball game is Saturday so there isn't much time unless I decide to miss the game and watch it from DVR later, or go tonight and I am so freaking tired right now that having fun tonight doesn't even sound good.

Oh well, time to kick this Friday's Ass and get my work done.  HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I wore my purple today did you?  I sit and think of the people that are so anti-gay that they would be so cruel to other people.   I have seen my share of ignorance growing up in the south.  But we are so far past some of the hatred.... this day and age, people should be more educated... but they refuse to educate themselves on how to be a civil human being.

That being said.  I am not gay, but if either of my children came home one day and told me that they were, I would not be ashamed of them, I would be proud of them for being able to accept who they are and wish them all the happiness they can find in this life.  Do I wish that my kids were gay? No that isn't what I said at all...I simply say that a status such as that would not make me view my children any different nor would it make me love the one ounce less.

I said that to say this.  I am open and very liberal, I don't tell my children which way to be about religious issues, political issues and even moral issues. I tell them how I feel and explain the reasons I feel the way I do about things, and that they are entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, and when they are old enough to vote, and express their thoughts and feeling on such issues that they should do so with knowledge that they have researched and feel in their heart is right and not based on what someone has told them or preached to them.  That is how I raise my children.  To be wise.

Now, I said that to say this.  My son told me today "I hate gay people".  I said "Oh son, why would you dare say that?"  He goes on to say "because I do".   He could not give me one good reason on why he felt the need to express that to me, so in my opinion he gets that where he gets most of his ignorant comments from... his father's side of the family.  I told him how I felt about what he said and even gave scenarios on how he would feel in certain situation to try to educate him.  I said I would not be ashamed of my children if they were gay but there was shame in the comment that my son made to me about hating gay people.  Have I failed my son in not educating him enough?  Should I talk to his father about the comments he makes?  Is this world still THAT CRUEL?  Then I think yes the world is still that cruel when children take their own lives because of the shame they feel for being gay.  Some dislike gays for religious believes and others for other reasons I guess? I can't understand it myself... but God is love.  My God loves his children the smart, intelligent ones, the obese and skinny ones, the heterossexual / bi-sexual / homosexual, and even the ignorant people who refuse to change.

I pray for the people I know who are so closed minded and say such strong words as "hate" about another person or cause.  I pray that the world will progress past the ignorance and be a better place.... that's all I can do.  Wear my purple, express myself and pray.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I just don't understand

There are some things in my life right now that I simply don't understand. 
I mean there are things that are unfair and maybe just out right wrong in many, well most everybody's life.    This is not what I would call unfair to me or anyone.  It just makes no sense at all.
I keep trying to think out the situation and trying to come up with a solution but not matter how you look it, it makes no sense.
I am the one though that winds up stuck with a decision to make to end the nonsense. 
Maybe a lightbulb will go off in my head and eventually I will understand some things, but until there I am stuck in the dark.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The boyfriend, food, Halloween and stuff

Yeah so my daughter's boyfriend came home over today... seems like a  nice enough kid... hard to believe she is old enough to have a boyfriend... blah

I managed to go on a walk today.  I am loving my audible book I bought last night.  It totally rocks listening to a book while doing something constructive.

I cleaned up some of the house today but still have lots more to clean... I have decided to pace myself with all that work.

I went to the grocery store and bought groceries. I am thoroughly enjoying the e-mealz that I signed up for. I had heard someone say that they suck because all of there stuff was out of a box or something but so far every meal I have bought has been pretty much made from scratch.  I did sign up for the low fat menu though so that may make a difference, one thing good about them is there are several different types of menus to sign up for, so don't knock it until you try it.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

It is time for Halloween, Thomas has worked hard on the grave yard but decided not to do the haunted carport that we usually do.  I will miss that, but then again we may have fun doing something else for Halloween this year.  This will be a lot less work, and since there is so much to do, I am glad he isn't trying to throw it all together for only one night of enjoyment.

I have to finish the mockingjay book the last in the series, I haven't even opened it yet.... and I was looking forward to it, just not much time for reading lately.  I hope to get the house work done in spirts over this week so I can spend an hour or so a day reading... I have sooo many books I want to read.

Ok... time to cook dinner, and wash more laundry. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New look

I change my blog about as often as I change my hair lol speaking up I just bought a box of hair coloring from Target today as it is in need of a change (like our healthcare). 

I wanted to change it up some as I am bored with my blog.  I know very limited people stop by it, but it is mine and I don't want to be bored with it so... it is within my power to change it! For some reason the tune of Wilma Flinestone and Betty Rubble saying "CHARGE IT" went through my crazy brain when I said thought those words.

Anyway.  Life has been crazy hectic lately.  The laundry status is about 5 loads needs to be done. The fridge is in desperate need of a scrubbing. The dog could use a bath, my bedroom has a pile of dirty laundry in it, a pile of clean laundry, and a bed that needs new linen on it.  I need to buy groceries for this next week and I need to actually accomplish something but instead I will sit here in my chair, type on my blog, and play with photos today because well.... I simply need a down day.

After going to see BAMA play (I slack no pics up yet) and after going to KY (again I slack no photos up yet)  I have been needing to do nothing but sit.  Tomorrow.... Yes Tomorrow that shit that needs to get done will get done tomorrow!

I go to see my bestie in only 50 days.  I am so excited but yet so not ready.  I had hoped to lose some of my
fuff between the time I started planning this trip and actually going to it which was close to 150 days or so and now with 100 days down I am sitting here thinking how I have not lost one single pound of this fluff.  I look at myself in photos and cringe, LITERALLY.  I gross myself out.  I can definitely lose 15-20 lbs in 50 days though right? lol I have 50 lbs that I NEED to lose but I will be happy with 20 before my trip.  I might have to watch carbs and exercise like hell but I can do this.  I don't need anyone telling me how unhealthy that is, it is healthier than eating like a pig and smiling while doing it knowing that I just added another pound to this ass of mine.  I love to eat.  It makes me happy. I love bread, french fries, chips, crackers anything that is remotely carb related... LOVE IT!  I need to punish myself by saying you can only have a limited amount in a week of those things that you LOVE... and I will probably see a difference. The ankle is better now (those who might not know I tore a ligament in Oct last year, it has been a year) as in I can stand to walk/ maybe even jog, but it does still ache and swell up if I over do it. That said I am tired of using it as a crutch... I am going to start getting out there and pushing myself.  (I have said this numerous times over the last 6+ years but THIS time is the charm!). 

My plans for this evening. Loading up some tunes on my new mp3 player, maybe even loading up the couch25k podcast because I think I might try that, I don't have 9 weeks before my trip... but it can't hurt to be working toward a goal of some sort.  I mean I read of other bloggers running 5k's all the time and I can only barely pull myself out of my chair so its time I stop letting them show me up right? I have in my life time rode 32 miles on a bike in one morning well it might have taken a bit longer than it should have but I can do things when I put my mind to them.  

Tomorrow? CLEAN THIS FILTHY HOUSE!  Go buy groceries for a sensible low fat dinner every night of the week, and go for a nice walk/jog and make use of my new mp3 player :)

I have bought new books, but have to finish the one I am currently reading first.... soooo that will be a later post.  One thing at a time!  On another note about books. I have an audible account where I purchased some audio files on Security + for my certification that I am hopeful to sometime find time to study for... anyway, was thinking a good book on audio might be a reason to go for a walk/ and maybe even walk longer to listen to the story... I heard someone say that worked for them, maybe its worth a shot... again one thing at a time. My mind is the kind that is always thinking of what I might do, what I want to do, what I need to do and with all the thinking I can't do shit!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I hope your day is special
I hope your heart is filled with love
I wish you happiness every day

I hope you smile all day
I hate that I wont have you a nice gift to open today and that I am not rich to buy the world for you, but at least we got to see the Tide play, and beat the hell out of Florida! :)

Ok, Now that all that sweet stuff is said... YOUR GROWING OLD!!! haha.  43 years.  Now, reverse that and you get my age.... proof of how old you are right there! lol You are the hottest 43 year old around though and I wouldn't want you if you were younger ;-)

Enjoy the hell out of today, I wish I was home with you!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

I ♥ You!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bama Bound.... Again

It has been two years since I got to see BAMA and I am totally excited to be going this Saturday to see Bama vs Florida... what a big game its going to be.
Poor Thomas gets to share his birthday present with me as I may be as excited if not more excited as he is, and this is what my gift to him is.  We had tickets to see Braves vs Phillies this Sunday at 1:30 in Atlanta, but we did just go see them a few weeks ago, and honestly they are loosing and the drive there is rough and back in one day and excuses...excuses. We really just rather see Bama play!
I searched for tickets to BAMA last night online.... found a pair in the nose bleed section... seriously we are wayyyyyyyyyy the F up there, but at the 50 yard line so we should have a wonderful view of the entire field.  The tickets were $195 each.  Which at the rate the tickets are selling that isn't bad.  I went ahead and purchased them and then tried to sell the Braves tickets.  I posted them on Craigslist and within 2 hours had the sold.  Soooo it was destined for us to go see the Tide Roll!
I am totally excited.  I still have to come up with the money for the rental car and food and entertainment for our trip in December, so I may be broke as hell from now until after Christmas but it was worth the shot to get to go see Bama... and I am hopefully all things will just work out financially. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a morning!!!

Well I dreaded this Monday morning clinic all weekend.  I had to cover for a co-worker and work in Huntsville Clinic this morning... which is way out of my comfort zone being that I have never done it.
I started out with possibility of 6 setups, but ended up only having 3 thankfully.
I woke up and got ready as usual, and because of going to HSV I was ready to go out the door 10 minutes earlier than normal at 4:20 am.
I walk to the car and click my unlock button on my key thingie... and my lights didn't come on and off as they usually do.  I thought instantly.... oh no!  I went to the door... and had to actually take a second to think of how I will actually get into my car since the key thingie isn't working, then it hits me... use the actual key. lol What it is early? geesh. I went ahead and tried to crank the car, knowing it wasn't going to work, but if I was lucky enough for it to work, then I wouldn't have to get Thomas up..... no such luck.
I go and get Thomas up, and he jumps up to help me because he knows I gotta get to work. He works his butt off this morning after running into a few issues like finding the jumper cables and finding the right tools to take some covers loose on his jeep so he can get the cables to fit....but he gets my car running.  THANKFULLY!
I head to work, worried and paranoid all the way there if I turn the car off is it going to leave me stranded?  Thomas told me to keep it running while at the office without the lights on for a few minutes and all should be fine.  So I did just that.
I made it to the HSV store at 5:20 am. Damn good time considering the hold up this morning.  I have never opened that store before. I was just brought a key out to my Madison store and given an alarm code and expected to come in Monday early morning and know what to do. lol   Well, it takes me 5 freakin' minutes to unlock the door.  You know its one of those doors that if you messed with it every day it would be simple, but since i didn't know how to push, then turn, then pull, then turn some more I wouldn't have been able to do it in less than 5 minutes.  I was about cussing/crying mad by this time, because I am pushing it. I have to be at the Hospital by 5:45 to start setting people up, and its always nice to get there 5 minutes earlier so you can at least sit your shit down before folks start coming in the room for setups...anyway. 
I finally get in the store, turn the alarm off.  Use my light on my droid to find my way through the store (since I am totally unfamiliar with this store and where the light switches are and such because every time I have been there as been during business hours).... I finally find the light to Netra's office.  I look for my machines. No freaking BIPAP's in site. I find regular PAPs, Auto's but no BIPAPs and of course I need one. I find my way to the warehouse, find a light switch and locate a BIPAP.  I sit down at the desk and look at the time... do I have time to get this paperwork together and everything like I usually do before going to my Madison Clinic? Uhh that would be a NO!  It is 5:40 am.  I am fixing to leave when I see a big note that says TONYA!  and I remember. I am suppose to fill out for direct deposit and leave a canceled check for the general manager while I am there. UGH right! So I bust ass, and get that done.  Then hit the car and drive like a bat out of hell to get to the sleep center.  
I have been to this facility only once 8 months ago.  I park where I remembered we park, I walked toward the back entrance where I remembered we go.... and the damn door is locked! WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
I am standing in the alley of the hospital trying to think of what the hell I need to do, holding  2 CPAPs, a BIPAP, a bag full of masks, a clipboard with papers, my keys, pens, and a cell phone and it fucking starts RAINING!
I call the sleep lab and say ok, the doors are locked, where do I need to go.  They come open the doors for me.. Apparently Netra uses a special badge which I don't have to get in that door, but that is the door I was told to use. UGH!  I walk back to the room where we set patients up and there sits all my patients waiting on me. I still have set their units up to the pressure they need, complete all their paperwork but I manage to get them all setup and back to Madison store by 7:30 am.
Now... I get to face Monday at the Madison store, PLEASE LET IT BE BETTER THAN THIS MORNING HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two headed dog

I was playing with my phone and my dog was playing with his toy.  Sent from phone

Oh no not "that mom"

I don't want to be THAT MOM... you know the one that always says no and never lets her children be children and have friends and have fun.
I have been that mom and looks like with my kids will continue to be that mom.  Even though its not who I want to be, they leave me no choice.
I have been after my child to clean her room... to make sure she keeps it clean or she can't go anywhere. She always opts to not keep it cleaned and wait til the day of and try to get to go somewhere or rush to get it half way  cleaned up to go somewhere.
Well low and behold she wants to go to her friends "SURPRISE 16th Birthday party tonight and go to the fair".... I know how much fun she will have and I HATE to say no... so I gave in.
As usual I always seem to give in.  Mind you she didn't get it scott free she will be cleaning and doing laundry the whole weekend to make up for my saying yes... and hopefully she heard me when I said that I wont feel bad about saying no next time.
I hate the feeling of knowing I let Thomas down because he supports me and loves me and when the kids are not doing right by me he stands up for me and I love him for all he is to me.  I hate knowing he will disagree with me, but know in my heart I wouldn't be able to bear telling her no to this. Blah Parenting sucks.  I mean sucks bad!
Poor Destiny will learn one day.... and I will get a nice clean house out of it this weekend so I guess she is willing to do the work to get to go, its just the matter of waiting until the last minute to do it, or making it a big deal. I mean I told her I wouldn't have a bit of problem saying YES right away had she been helping me around the house, and cleaning her bedroom.  blah
Anyway its time to go home!  I am outta here!

What a week

I feel so overwelmed with stuff to do, mainly at work..... that I am to that point where I am unproductive because I panic.  I am that person that works so fast and steady and can get more accomplished than my average co-worker, that is until you bombared me with way more than my average co-worker. It happens to people who work the way I work all the time. You do a GREAT job and so you get MORE work.... eventually the load is unbelievable, and as soon as I reach that mark... poof.  I can't get anything done.  My organization skills start to suffer and my ability to think clearly and even logically starts fading.  I have managed tow ork through this week.... but it has taken its toll on me and my family.  I haven't wanted to do anything when I get home, I go to bed before everyone in the house because I am physically but more so mentally exhausted.  My daughter wanted to go shopping last night, and it took every bit of love I have for her to pull myself out of the house to go because I DIDN'T WANT TO... for no other reason than because I want to be lazy and sit on my ass!
I have TONS (did I mention TONS!!!) of laundry to do... the floor in my house needs swept and mopped so bad its to the ridiculous point... and its the farthest thing from my to do list because that list is so overwelmed with other stupid shit. 
I want to study for this Security + test and I have all the information ready to study and can't seem to find the time. 
Hell, I have had 2 chapters to finish of a book that I am thoroughly enjoying but can't find the time to read just those two chapters.  There is something seriously wrong somewhere! 
I did however this week spend about 30 minutes on the computer researching and purchasing a new dinner plan thingie ma bob from e-mealz and for 1.25 per week they will send me a menu for the week with grocery list included..... so maybe that will save my pocket book and me some time over the long haul.  I don't cook though... lol so not sure about it actually saving time... Thomas cooks (have I mentioned how thankful I am for him and how much I love him?) the majority of the time. 
I think I spend to much time relaxing, but after a stressful day at work you almost NEED that relaxation to recoop and be ready to face it again the next day. blah
I do like my job, we have just been short handed and the work is piling up on me... luckily the help that was hired and starts soon will work wonders for my stress level.
I wanted to go camping this weekend but decided against that now as my plate feels so full.
Looks like grocery shopping tonight, relaxing tomorrow night, house cleaning and BAMA football on Saturday and hiking on Sunday for the weekend. (Maybe I will finish that book, and get some studying done along with everything else this weekend).
Next weekend???? Still up in the air, we have tickets to see the Braves play next Sunday and the kiddos are at their dads so not sure what Thomas and I will get in to.  He does have a birthday on Monday! 
Then the next weekend??? OMG I have planned on going to KY to visit my brother and his family.
Anyway... I will get through it... but its just been one helluva week!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date night!

I love how my man is, no matter the fact that he has seen me in the early morning or late night hours for almost 8 years now, he still loves me.  He loves me enough to strive for a date night weekly, and sometimes I get two in a week or even more.  I remember back when I was married I never had a date night, don't recall many date nights before we even got married.  Sad but true.  Thomas definitely sets himself apart from many guys in that aspect.  He takes good care of me.  He tries his damnedest (is that a word lol) to make me happy, keep the fire alive between us and make me feel special. I ♥ him. 
Last night we went to eat Wings at a fairly new place we have been frequenting lately 'Mooresville Bar and Grill'.... they have a laid back atmosphere, some pretty good wings and its a nice place not too far from home to enjoy a meal and a few drinks.  After dinner we headed to see the movie 'The Town' this movie ROCKS SO HARD!  I highly recommend if you want a sort of dramatic action movie.  It has to be one of Ben Affleck's (sp?) best films and he shows his talent here in many areas.  I will (if the Gods will give me time I will) try to post a full review on this movie on my review site (which I will also link back here to this post if I ever get it done.... this reminds me how I am so unlike many bloggers out there in that I just throw this shit out there and hit save.  This maybe why I have horrible grammar and spelling, when in reality I know how to correct myself, but I damn sure don't talk with perfect grammar and I am not about to take the time for correcting myself here.  "The others" seem to have such wonderful links to the topics for which they are discussing and photos and quick witted humor (that probably took them several retypes to get right, which then makes it not so quick..... Do I envy some of the "perfect" bloggers? kinda sorta maybe sometimes.... lol but who has that sort of time?  I don't get paid for my blog.  Anywho... where was I?).
I lost my train of thought.  Its 6:40 am on Tuesday morning and I have been up since 4 am to drive all the way to Madison for 1 patient.  At least I get paid from 5-8:30 even though I only saw the one patient, but curses to the whole situation that made me get out of my warm cozy bed this morning and face the darkness of this day (literally the sun has just now came up).  So forgive me if I make no sense in this post, I have an excuse and if you give me time I will come up with one for every other off the wall, messed up post.
Now... time to get to work again. Geesh!  Enjoy your Tuesday.  I look forward to going home already, to bad I have to wait until 4:30 pm to leave this joint.  ON the Agenda tonight? Not sure... will leave it up to the man and my ability to stay awake. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the move

Yes.... Thomas bought me the playstation MOVE today.  I am watching him set it all up for me (after the BAMA vs DUKE game and then the AUBURN vs CLEMSON game, lol).  We are going to try to play it in a few minutes.
This house is game system rich......I have a wii stystem with 4 controllers and 4 nunchunks and a wii board.  I have a PS3 with guitar hero, guitar hero world tour, sing it, two controllers, drums, two guitars, 3 microphones and now have two move controllers, and two motion controllers and 1 camera.  Desmond has an Xbox system, he has a PSP and Destiny has a nintendo ds... lol we are a blessed family.
Ok he is ready to play... going to get my game face on! :)


Yep my Rueben had the dreaded surgery. I feared for him to go through it because of how different my Trixie has been since her surgery and his little personality has been so awesome I didn't want anything to happen to him.  I am very proud to say that he is doing well, he is the same loving dog an his incision is healing nicely.  I love my dog!!!!! 

Atlanta Sept 2010

Well I got tickets to go to see the Atlanta Braves for the first time.  It was quiet the deal on the tickets only 10 dollars a piece.  I got 8 tickets that I could pick and choose when to use.  We chose 9/12/10 as it was close to Desmond's birthday and the next game is scheduled for 10/3/10 which is the day before Thomas' birthday. 
When the tickets arrived for 9/12 game against the Cardinals there was a significant change in the time.  We had ordered the tickets for a game that was suppose to be at 1:30 pm but the time was changed to 8 pm which meant for a very long Sunday night drive back home.
Saturday night I was trying to figure out when we would leave on Sunday and what we would do since the game didn't start until so late.  I decided to get tickets to Stone Mountain Park so we got up at 4:15 am and headed to Atlanta. 
We had a marvelous time at Stone Mountain Park, and made our way to Turner Field... Desmond got his face painted and our seats were awesome.  Although the Braves lost we did at least get to see Albert Pujols hit two homeruns.  All together it was an awesome trip with the family.
Next up?  Camping trip soon (I hope), Trip to KY, Second Braves game, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Maybe another camping trip in the middle? and then.... yes you know it.... Ft. Lauderdale.  It makes me tired thinking about it... but it is nice to have something to look forward to.