Saturday, December 5, 2009

we covet the DVR

Thomas and I watched this special (which luckily he remembered to DVR or we wouldn't have watched it) last night

It was truly awesome. I enjoyed watching folks perform that I never would image seeing on stage again, and some that may never return to the stage. I love music and thoroughly enjoyed watching this. All it was missing was tribute to Elvis as he is the KING of rock n roll. They had the king of blues (BB King) and the king of pop was mentioned and a song performed on his honor (Michael Jackson) but no Elvis?? What was up with that. Bridge Over Troubled Waters was performed by Simon and Garfunkel, but that was no tribute to Elvis if you ask me. Even though I have had some troubled waters lately, and that song made me cry like a baby..... It wasn't a tribute to Elvis.

After we finished this show that was DVR'd we noticed there was a PART 2 playing on HBO at that very moment. We had missed 45 minutes of it but got to catch most all of the rest (until I started to doze).

Music rocks. Music holds emotion, feeling and memories. I love music. I needed music last night. ROCK ON!

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