Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger or Cheatah?

Po Tiger Woods. I do not know what the heck happened that night but I was thinking today if I had been an huge fan and saved up money for tickets to go to this golf tournament this weekend, took off and traveled there, and then he bow out due to this scandal or mess he is in, (injury or no injury) I would be one pissed off fan. Everyone finds themselves in a mess before they ever expected, no one plans for the shit to hit the fan. But, when you are a superstar and it happens the minor things become major and effect others (ex: a fan going to see their "superstar"). Maybe my life is too plan and simple, but I don't see how hard it is to be a good person and just stay out of trouble. Luckily his wounds will heal, wonder how much damage this will do to his image?

Laughed my ass off at this SNL Tiger Woods Skit.

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