Thursday, December 10, 2009

the thing we call remote.

I sit maybe 4 feet off to an angle from our 52 in TV. But yet, I will search the entire living room for the remote to that TV. Why is that? Why have we become so dependant on a freakin remote control? Think of the calories that might have been burned what 10-20 calories just to get up off our ass and go push the button on the TV? Heaven forbid to have to stand at the TV long enough to flip and find something to watch. I love the Remote... oh I do, but isn't it just another item that tends to aid in our laziness. You think technology is GREAT. It truly is amazing and it has made life so much easier. Hell they have remotes to vehicles now that start the car, remotes to stereos, even remotes to stereos in the car.
R- Relaxing
E- Eating
O- Otiosity
T- Time wasting
E- Easy

Now after this post, I feel the need to get up off my ass! :)

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