Thursday, December 10, 2009


First let me say that I don't care for the new name Syfy.... what are they trying to do dumb down the station? I am not a Sci-fi chick, unless it has to do with vampires, but because my man loves most anything that comes on that channel and even my daughter loves that channel(he has definetly played apart in her raising). I first saw it and thought awww how cute, but then I thought ughh I fell for it, was that their tactic to reach out to females by spelling it all cutesy and stuff? Anyway, I have enjoyed some of the shows while watching them with Thomas. Stargate SG1 being my favorite! This week we watched the first of Outer Space Astronauts and this is more my type of show. Dumb as hell.... maybe Syfy channel is reaching out to me! Wait did I just call myself dumb? ugh. I laughed out loud on more than a few occasions during this show, so if you have nothing but a total waste of time on your hands check it out!

And please for the love of God tell me why they are putting wrestling on SYFY? That is beyond stupid if you ask me!

On another note, there was another awesome show we watching on SyFy this week. ALICE if you get the chance to check it out I highly recommend it. Maybe I am a SyFy chick... omg I have been converted AGAIN!

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