Monday, December 28, 2009

New years resolution?

Are you planning a New Year's Resolution this year? I have attempted to many times, some have been kept up a few days, some a few weeks and even a few months, but never the entire year. NEVER. That is such a strong word isn't it? I am thinking about making a resolution for this year.
Not sure exactly how, what, when or where these resolutions will take place, but here is a list I am thinking of coming up with a plan for before the end of this week.

1. FIND A JOB. Pretty serious resolution huh? I need one, I am hopeful that I will be gainfully employed within a few weeks of the new year.
2. LOSE WEIGHT. OMG I got on the freakin' mean ass scales today and it was heart wrenching. I had devised a weight loss plan and strategy and was working toward it when I tore a ligament in my foot, that foot still gives me problems and has preventing much heavy exercise, and the fact that I love food, has only helped me gradually and continually GAIN weight. I know how to lose weight, believe me I know how! I just hate to work for it, I am lazy... Blah, ba-new-years-humbug. It is a new year full of new things for me. I am going to get this weight off this year, I will turn 34 this new year, closer and closer to being old... oh but I am not old yet, no matter what the kiddos may say. I need the weight off before I get unhealthy. Meaning before I get diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension... I want to lose this weight! So this is pretty top of the list (after finding a job as you can see). I know many people say they will lose weight as their resolution, I have been those people...... this year, I HAVE to do this.
3. Budgeting: I have to manage my money better, I have started devising a budget to go by and a system to help me manage my bills better. It will take place, once I find a job!!!!
4. I want to stop cussing so much. I mean you have heard the term "Cuss like a sailor" That is me. Whew! It's weird how you start off with one or two here or there and the next thing you know its part of your vocabulary. I mean I am not offended by cussing and it doesn't bother me that anyone curses, but I myself want to get a handle on my mouth! lol Lots of frustrations this year and being around others that cuss have influenced me and since things will be looking up with a new job, weight loss, might as well fix that mouth of mine too!
5. New hobbies, finding things to occupy my time: I have been working on my review pages (see the menu above) and that has taken some of my time, my blog has taken some of my time, I have started to learn how to crochet so that is taking some time, not that I have a lot of time folks! I just wanted to do things that I enjoyed doing. So this is all good.
6. Get started back on date nights with my man, maybe sign up for line dancing or pool league or something again.

Lots of things I have been thinking of. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, I know that every one of those things is possible if I just put my mind to it, so this year 2010 is going to be an amazing year for me and my family. I just know it!

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