Monday, December 14, 2009

I had a marvelous weekend with my family.

Saturday was full of Christmas Tree shopping. We drove all the way to my home town Lacey's Spring, Al. on the hunt for our tree. We had hoped to go down to the Christmas tree farm and find the PERFECT tree.

We searched that farm high and low and never found the PERFECT tree. I couldn't help but look around at the town Lacey's Spring and how things have changed and how my old home looked, and be thankful. I have slowly moved up in the world, and I guess us buying our tree at Lowes vs the Christmas tree farm may make me officially a City girl. Haha My favorite lil' country store in my hometown was named Dave's and owned by Dave. I love him and his wife who I call Miss Dave, we made a stop and he was amazed at how much my children had grown referring to them as City boy and City girl.... does that make it official? Are we City people? I am greatful to have my home here in Decatur. I am very blessed and happy in my life despite the fact that I do not have a job right now! ACK! Lets not go there... on to that tree.

We made it to Lowe's and picked up the PERFECT tree....

Here is Thomas putting the PERFECT tree up on the jeep. Isn't he handsome! I know I am lucky!

We got the tree home, and Thomas got it all setup and lights on it while the kiddos and I decorated it. I love how he handles the hard stuff for me! :) Here is the PERFECT tree....See PERFECT!

Sunday we headed to Gardendale to see my family. This is my dad's side of the family as I never heard anything about my mother's side of the family getting together for Christmas... this is starting to be the story of my life. oh well. I enjoyed the heck out of my dinner with my awesome family yesterday it was really nice.

My daughter decided she wanted to be a tree. So I helped with the outfit some, and then Thomas got his mastermind into the situation and we all came up with this final creation. My beautiful tree. (She loves to dress up and was determined to be a tree).

Now that is a PERFECT tree huh?

For more awesome photos check out my flickr page here.

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