Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do you have your phone?

I just figured I would ask you to take a moment to look and see if you have your phone with you, wherever you may be?

Is it the right phone?

I was heading out the door to pick up my daughter after her semester exams and once I got in the car, I realized, actually once I tried to slip my phone into my purse to start the car up, I realized.....I had grabbed the cordless phone from the house and left my cell phone sitting in the house. Brilliant I am, I know. Destiny spotted it right off too, mom? why is the house phone in the car? Maybe because I am brilliant! I explained how I accidentally grabbed the wrong phone when walking out to pick her up and she continued with, well at least you still have a phone to use.

Yes. she thought that cordless phone would work ANYWHERE. Now who is brilliant?

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