Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have been in a classic movie mode lately. I have picked out several from Thomas' top 100 movies ever made collection and some that are not in that collection that are simply old and good movies. Some I have seen and want to watch again and others I have never seen.

It started on Sunday night with watching Guys and Dolls which I had never seen before. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The singing. The lack of conjunctions used was interesting to me because I spent the entire movie looking for slip ups and found a few! hehe. The movie was awesome, I love musicals and I love comedy so the two combined were a real treat! :) I have never had the privilege of seeing this play performed but...... luckily my daughter's high school is performing it this year....and the best part of it is? She will be in it!

Next on Monday night we watched Barefoot in the Park. I had already seen this a while back and LOVED it. Thomas introduced it to me a few years ago and we had watched it on a small TV. Now we have the big 52 in TV and it was upgraded with the HD DVD Player we have, this film cracks my ass up! It is hilarious! The stairs play a major role in this film, and they are pretty damn funny! Jane Fonda is beautiful, and I will always have a love for Robert Redford.... if you have never seen it... WATCH IT!

Last night we watched The Odd Couple which was pretty darn funny. Definitely makes me think all men should have a group of friends to get together for a poker night. The slob and the OCD together. Nice way to enjoy my evening with my man, all snuggled up and watching comedy.
We also managed to watch my season finale of Californication last night (I love that show) and my what a mess Hank Moody is.... he is what I would refer to as a Beautify Disaster! And we watched an episode of HOUSE... (Luckily we DVR most all shows, so if you hear me say we watch something it is probably behind, we never watch shows when they actually air).
Now more flicks that are pulled out and sitting by the TV to watch in the near future are:
The Quiet Man
Some Like it Hot
West Side Story
Funny Face
It's a Wonderful Life
The Best Years of Our Lives
North by Northwest
The Elephant Man
Midnight Cowboy
Strangers on a Train
Roman Holiday
The Sand Pebbles
Yankee Doodle Dandy
The French Connection
My Fair Lady
All of these flicks have rating of 7.5 or greater on the IMDB.
Luckily my sweet man collects movies, so all of these flicks along with about ohhhhh 2000 more are sitting right here in the comfort of our home. We do have Direct TV and he has downloaded several other older flicks. You can't go wrong with Classic films. You can have relief in knowing that it will be fit for the children to watch, it will have a good storyline, and it will be entertaining with real talent and not just a bunch of crap from computer technology thrown together to make a mind boggling, headache causing mess of things that makes millions of dollars.... example Transformers 2, now I loved the first one, but the second one was simply a ploy to make money, the movie sucked if you ask me. But, Josh Duhamel was still a hottie! Also there are flicks like Twilight, the book is awesome, but the fame and attention it has received has caused them to quickly produce poorly constructed films that totally suck! There are still some awesome new movies made but they don't get a lot of the hype for some reason.
Now this list that I compiled is simply what I have decided to watch in the near future. There are so many wonderful Classics out there.... like Casablanca, The Grapes of Wrath, etc... It simply is amazing that I went most of my childhood NEVER watching a single one of these movies. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to enjoy some truly awesome classics that believe it or not I use to turn my nose up at and say stuff like "its black and white" and "not another old one?" but my eyes have been opened my horizons are broader and I love Classic films.
EDITED: This post has inspired me to start a review blog, I thought about it long and hard and realized there are a lot of things I could post a review about.... this review blog could be about anything...books, movies, shows, products, entertainment, resturants and so on.... so just remember to check it out from now on! Simplicity's Reviews.

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