Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas weekend in one BIG ASS POST

Whew I have abandoned my blog this weekend, and believe me when I say I enjoyed every minute away from it! But, now its Monday and its time to sort of recap. I will try to only hit the high spots of the weekend.

Christmas Eve (Thursday): Thomas made a big huge pork butt, with potatoes and carrots and celery and that was what we enjoyed for dinner. My dad and Karen came up and spent the evening with us. We watched the Christmas lights and A Christmas story, we enjoyed a pineapple upside down cake that Destiny made, and then everyone crashed out on us. Thomas and I stayed up and watched It's a Wonderful Life because we enjoy watching it EVERY year.

Christmas morning (Friday): The kiddos woke and we all opened presents one at a time. The present opening at my house lasts a good long time because we don't all just tear the packages at once, we take turns and watch everyone open their surprises. It was awesome, as usual!

Here are a few snap shots of that morning

Grandpa and Desmond

Desmond in love with his Xbox 360

Destiny thrilled over her new camera

Now after the presents were all opened we enjoyed a breakfast casserole that I made, and ate a nice warm meal together before everyone started to scatter. The kiddos went to their dads house, and Karen went to her parents, My dad and myself went on a trip to KY to see my brother.

So now the journey of Christmas continues with My dad and myself, we were driving toward Kentucky and he said lets stop somewhere for a nice lunch. He thought about it and said lets go to Opryland Hotel since we knew they would be open and have nice food, we figured we would venture out there (neither of us had ever been there) and find something yummy. We did find yummy food, the meal was over 100 bucks for the two of us, so that was one fansy smancy meal for Christmas with my dad.
Me and My daddy

Awesome view

My awesome Daddy! I ♥ him bunches!

Another awesome view scene
The very smancy place

We enjoyed our meal and walked around there a bit, then hit the road again, the trip went fast as my dad and I carried on conversations about any and every thing.

We got to my brothers by 8 pm.  Where we spent Friday night, Saturday and we headed back home on Sunday morning.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the photos:

Lydia eating an orange

Brookie poo, all grown up.... my oh my

Lil' Miss Megan... she was Aunt Nona's Baby this weekend! :)

My bubba and My daddy in the kitchen together.  (Note the cast on Chuck's hand?  He broke his thumb, and is still recovering from his broken arm on his other hand, po bubba)

I had a mavelous trip with my dad and visit with my family, we should do this much more often!

The only thing missing from this trip were my kiddos and my T-Bone.  I hated leaving him here on Christmas but just show he is such an awesome man, he encouraged me to go spend time with my daddy, even though it meant he would be alone on Christmas and the weekend.  I ♥ him bunches!

He who maketh my life complete! :)
I see you!

I am uploading a ton of photos to my flickr, so if you want to see my Chrismas all summed up by photos.....check them out here.

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