Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 most fascinating people

I was disappointed with Barbara Walters special this year. It bored me. I love Lady Gaga and her total off the wall self. Adam Lambert I am thinking is pretty freaking cool too, maybe he is just wanting attention who knows, but I am all for him standing up for himself and daring to be different. Brett Favre was pretty awesome this year but didn't take the time to come on the show so it appeared. And of course Michelle Obama is the woman! The First Lady. I think she is awesome!

They don't usually honor the dead in the most fascinating people "that's what she said" anyway, but you honor the dead people's children who really in all fairness are not that fascinating, at least not yet! RIP MJ.

Glenn Beck? Fascinating? I think the man is crazy and needs to be medicated... heavily medicated.

Here are some more people I would pick.... of course its from a more personal stand point.

Barak Obama- Mr. President for the mountains he is trying to move.
Tina Fey because she cracks my ass up.
The pioneer woman (Ree Drummond) because her blogging style is awesome, she is a cook, mother, teacher and omygosh how does she wear all of her hats?
Nick Saban ROLL TIDE is all I have to say. The Alabama Football team/players have ROCKED this season!
NieNie for her strength and courage after surviving a fiery plan crash, she truly is an inspiring individual.
My dad for fighting his way through colon cancer and coming out a survivor. He rocks!

And the number one most fascinating person to me is... (drum roll please)

Thomas (T-Bone) for his creativity in the most excellent Christmas light show around, and for loving me despite my misfortunes and standing by me through this thing called life.

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