Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye to 2009

January 2009:

  • We got our kitty Trixie 12/26/2009 and enjoyed watching her grow up this year and she became a very important member of our family.
  • We brought in the new year with a homemade applie pie that Thomas made, and I enjoyed several appletini's. We celebrated with family at the house.
  • We celebrated Cody's 17 th birthday on Jan. 1st 2009
  • We took the family to see an Alabama Basketball game for Cody's birthday.

Febuary 2009:

  • I had an awesome Valentine's day: Thomas sent me beautiful roses, I got a bear and box of chocolate and balloons. We closed the day with a romantic steak dinner that he made for me. I got new dishes too! :)

March 2009:

  • My kiddos are growing too fast! I took them to the park for some photos.

  • Destiny had a horrible time with jaw pain, she went to several dentist and doctors visit before having her wisdom teeth cut out.

  • Thomas helped Destiny work on her Rub Goldburg project.

  • We went to Destiny's All-State performance.

April 2009:
  • I bought a silly hat.
  • Trixie continued to grow.
  • Destiny's Winter Guard 2009 were state champions and came in second in the Southern division.
  • We decided spur of the moment on Easter morning to head to Tennessee and see Rock City and Ruby Falls.
  • Desmond's baseball season kicked off.
  • Destiny healed from getting her wisdom teeth cut out, but her jaw continued to hurt, until one day it was HUGE.... that was when we finally found the solution the problem, she needed a root canal. There was no cavity or issue to suggest she needed a root canal, just a sporatic infection under the tooth. Thankfully the problem was fixed, and she is all better now.
  • Thomas surprised me with a ray of sunshine boquet at my work just to brighten up my day.
  • Desmond picked flowers and gave me an I ♥ U note because he wanted to be like Thomas. :)

May 2009:
  • OMG I turned 33.
  • Thomas bought me a laptop! I ♥ How he spoils me, and I have spent many hours on that thing since he bought it for me.
  • Destiny and I enjoyed a day at the spa and a massage for our birthday's. She turned 14 years old ACK.
  • Trixie started getting into things lol she loves sweet tea.
  • Destiny won several Awards at her awards day. She finished 8th grade.
  • Desmond finished 4th grade.
  • Thomas got his Mega tree.
  • We went out to celebrate Mother's day together.
  • We got a lot of rain.
  • We went to see the balloons.
  • We got our fishing license and enjoyed some days out trying to catch some fish.

June 2009:
  • Desmond's baseball team the Huskies's were undefeated and managed to finish as City Champions 2009! :)
  • Destiny got a huge bruise because she ran into a chair at the movie theater.
  • We got season passes (Thanks to Thomas) to point mallard.
  • We continued to go fishing.
  • I went on my first trip to Kentucky to see my brother with the kiddos. My dad and Karen went for the weekend also. While in KY we went to a local fair in town, and stopped by Gun Mountain on the way home. Desmond faced his fear of heights by riding a chair lift.
  • My dad was diagnosed with Cancer.

July 2009:

  • We went on a picnic in the park.

  • We visited my dad in the hospital while undergoing surgery to remove a tumor for colon cancer.

  • Destiny dressed up like a hippie for my daddy, he always called her his flower child, so she made it complete for him.

  • Thomas put up a 4th of July light show at the house.

  • Thomas and I went on bike rides, and road to point mallard for the festivities and we stopped to fish while we were on our bikes.

  • I met huckleberry the turtle while I was fishing.

  • Destiny got new glasses.

August: 2009
  • We went to a local rodeo
  • We went to a nice car show
  • The kiddos went back to school: Cody 10th grade, Destiny 9th grade and Desmond 5th grade.
  • Thomas finished his Canoe and we went out in it for the first time.
  • Thomas and I went to the King of the Hill.
  • Thomas got his Jeep.
  • Trixie continued to grow up and she had surgery.
  • We hiked up Bank head forrest until we encountered several snakes and decided it wasn't the best time to hike. (Hopefully we will take another adventure to do this in the future.)

September 2009:
  • I got my hair cut off.
  • Trixie is officially rotten!
  • Desmond turned 11 years old on September 9th.
  • Thomas makes a killer Margarita.
  • I went to Leah's 30th SURPRISE birthday party.

October 2009:
  • Destiny went to her High School Homecoming dance.
  • We put up the Halloween Haunted carport, and Thomas did a light show to Halloween this year.
  • We had family over to celebrate Halloween with us.
  • Thomas turned 42 on October 4th. I got him a tent and sleeping bags.
  • Desmond haid a crazy hair day at school.
  • I tore a ligament in my foot, that today still gives me trouble and has not completely healed.

    Novemeber 2009:

  • Thomas and I went to have some photos taken together.

  • I took the kiddos to have some photos made together.

  • Thomas got the Christmas light show up before Thanksgiving.

  • We celebrated Thanksgiving at the house.
    December 2009:

  • I got laid off from my job.

  • We got our real tree.

  • We had Christmas at the house.

  • Destiny dressed up like a tree for Chirstmas.

  • I went with my dad to KY to see my brother and family for Christmas.

  • Daddy and I went to Opryland Hotel for dinner on Christmas, it was amazing!

  • Destiny got her hair cut.

  • Alabama won the SEC championship.

  • Mark Ingram won the Heisman Trophy.

There were some down times, like when Chuck decided to fall off his barn and break his arm, then turn around and break his hand on the other arm. More down times where a small time during the summer when I wasn't sure if Thomas and I were going to have much of a future and when I lost my job just two weeks before Christmas. The highs of this year, we all have our health, Thomas and my relationship is more secure and he has been a big support for me. My family is blessed beyond words. I am a very lucky woman.

Now to head onto a new year. What will 2010 hold? Hopefully a new and better job for me, hopefully we all keep our health and actually get healthier this year. I am claiming great things for my family and friends this year.... we all deserve it.

Happy New Year!