Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Volunteering and free lunch.

We got free lunch brought to us at work today... that is always nice. They ordered from Chili's and I got a quesadilla explosion salad and those things are wonderful! But so bad for you, considering it is a SALAD. UGH.... but it was worth every dreadful calorie I took in because it was delish!

Now, a great, no marvelous woman I have known from many years past ( Heather ) posted to her facebook about her and her family volunteering at their local soup kitchen for Thanksgiving and it has me thinking. What can me and my family do. My kids know nothing about this yet lol but they will be volunteering at our local downtown rescue mission for the holiday. I have placed a call to see how we may volunteer. So now we will do our part to help out in our community with those less fortunate then ourselves. If I know my children, I know they will thoroughly enjoy doing this for others. Desmond is a bit shy so he may be hesitant at first, but this will be a good experience for both of them and even myself!

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