Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on my Brother

I sat and waited patiently and then broke down and called. I spoke with Julie (my sis-in-law) and she was back home. She said that they did not do the surgery today/tonight as they didn't have time and tomorrow would be better as they can have an arm specialist come in for it. My brothers injuries are limited to one location, he has broken his humerus. Its painful, and he will have to still undergo the surgery and probably a rough recovery time, but thankfully it was nothing too serious.

Thank you to all who have said a prayer or sent out some good karma his way.

I feel like I can breath, and I feel much better because I did get to speak to him tonight.... he jokingly said "I was not a clutz this time, the barn collapsed". He just knew I was fixin' to pick on him because my brother kept a broken bone during most of his childhood years lol. I thought he had outgrown his clumsiness...... and he was assuring me that he had indeed outgrown that. :) I love him!

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