Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking care of business.

Well my to do list is humongous and I don't see the end in site. I do however see two items completed and feel good about those accomplishments.

My ice maker went out back the beginning of October and I was not sure how to fix it. I thought I would wait and Thomas would get to it sometime, but the more I had to stop and go get ice, or spend money on ice it was starting to frustrate me. So I researched how to troubleshoot an ice maker and found out that if I thawed the line to the ice maker with a blow dryer that might just work. Guess what! IT DID! :) I fixed it all by myself. That makes me feel good, proud and accomplished.

Now, I have had a nail in my tire for about 8 weeks now, and Thomas has put air in my tire a couple of times as the nail was causing a slow leak. I drive on I-565 for goodness sakes I needed to not keep ignoring this. So today I made a list of things I want done, and started on that list at lunch. I went to a local tire store and told them my situation. 15 minutes later and 8 bucks plus a 2 dollar tip later and my tire is fixed! :) Another accomplishment.

Now the list continues and some are not so easy to accomplish but I plan on getting many things better organized and accomplishing things that seem to keep getting me down. I think I am out of my funk and feel that there is a new page turning for me. :)

I enjoyed the weekend with the kiddos. We had some bonding time. It was nice. My life is good and I am blessed.

Now to get the car washed and oil changed, that should take care of my automobile issues, then on to the house. UGHHH Right!

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