Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I ventured out today with a small ankle brace instead of my boot. Worked all day, came home and made dinner and then sat down finally and took the brace off....the ankle has a big goose egg knot on it. I put some ice (bag of black eyed peas) on it and have it propped up. Nothing like an injury to help me be lazy.... like I needed assistance in that department GEESH!

So no walking tonight since the ankle is pissed at me.

I have stayed up way to late lately... after midnight every single night this week.... and get up by 630 am. I am losing my precious beauty sleep and heaven knows how desperately I need this!

So I think I will call it an evening and sit here in my chair and rest my eyes, until it gets late enough to actually go to bed....8 pm is a bit too early for even me and my tired ass.

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