Friday, November 13, 2009

Stupid me, stupid foot.

I went without boot again today. I did still wear my brace, but I reckon its not good enough and not healed enough to do what I have done.... it feels like a toothache in my foot. Not PAIN, but definetly an ache that wont let up. DAMN THIS FOOT!!!!! I am in-patient and busy woman.... I don't like having limits and I don't like wearing the boot, I am ready to get out and walk hell even work toward jogging running..... this stupid foot!

I have had a pretty good evening so far. I took the kiddos to our local dollar tree... its so neat to go to a store where everything is a dollar. Especially when I am looking for bags/container for cookies to give to my neighbors and friends. The kids always find something that is usually junk but they enjoy me allowing them to actually by junk from time to time! :)

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