Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Say it ain't so!

I missed yesterday! Oh my poor NaBloPoMo. I forgot to post yesterday. UGHHHHHHHHHH That is heart breaking. Discouraging. Frustrating. Ughhhhh but.... OH well some days I do more than one post so I wont be too upset with myself. I will just keep on keeping on as usual.

I had a damn good excuse. I was spending time with my Tbone and magnificent family. Thomas took me on a date night. We went to eat dinner at Applebee's. I wore my diamond/pearl earrings and everything. Yep, since I am a country gal, I wore the earrings with my jeans! I didn't wear my boots as I still have my lovely orthopedic boot that is so stylish and all. The dinner was pleasant the food was "OK" but nothing to boast over. The mango margarita kicked ass! :) After dinner we came home to spend time with the kiddos. We all were going to watch Orphan but the Direct TV recorder was a bitch last night and wouldn't download in enough speed to Fancy allof our needs for TV. So we watched what I had been wanting to watch instead 'The proposal' and it was freaking hilarious. I enjoyed it and think the whole family did too. (HEHE I even heard Tbone laughing out loud on more than a few occasions and this was a delightful sound). See! I told you it was a good excuse not to do my darn post yesterday. FAMILY always comes first!

My whole family was home today while I was at work, go me right? ughh it sucked. All day I wanted more than anything to be home with them. Luckily I came home and my baby girl had done some house work for me. That was nice. There was a reason of course. She is trying (not too hard, but trying nonetheless) to get her cell phone back. That may happen this weekend, but strong stipulations in place.

Let me not forget to take a moment to Thank the Veterans for all they have done and continue to do for our country.

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  1. well i think the photos turned out cute :-) i think its the time of the year to feel sluggish!