Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Right on time.

You know how awesome I am? I multi-task well. My evening has been crazy but I am doing really well considering what all was accomplished tonight. I came home from work, rested a bit. Then went with the family to get something to eat. Once I got back home I went straight to the kitchen. I made three batches of cornbread seasoned for my dressing. I cut up onions and celery and peeled potatoes and diced them. I assisted the kiddos with baking cookies and pb bars, I boiled a chicken and de-boned it and put all ingredients together for my broccoli casserole so all I have to do is bake it tomorrow. I was done with everything by 9 pm. I typed on my blog, messed around with facebook and went with TBone to get some ice cream. It truly was a busy evening, but it was all fun and enjoyable. I love the Holidays.

I will get up in the morning, finish putting all ingredients together for the chicken n dressing, get the beans on, make the potato salad. Then get dressed and ready to go out to the Rescue Mission for the soup kitchen we are volunteering. We will get home to finish all the cooking while TBone will have made the ham and some yummy apple crisp dessert....... we will enjoy our dinner with each other and then, yes THEN! I will drink my wine, sit in my chair, and be lazy as hell! That is what my Thanksgiving will hold! I look forward to every minute of it! I am such a blessed woman! :)

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