Saturday, November 7, 2009

The OTC drugs

The dietary and herbal supplements I have are a plenty. I took them ALL this morning, so if something happens to me lol Tbone can refer to this post. I have never taking supplements really, EVER. They say they can do wonders. My foot is not up to par still as exercises is not the easiest. I could. Yes I could but I am fearful. This injury has really screwed with me as it has taken so long to make progress toward healing. 10/10/09 was date of injury and still have swelling and discomfort at times. 400 bucks later, still have pain and swelling at times. Whatever I do. I don't want to re-injure myself. So, I have opted to sit on my fat ass and eat whatever I want as I have been in a funk anyway. Well, I believe this self mutilation is only adding to the misery I feel at times. I need to get my ass moving. Instead I invest in a shit load of OTC drugs to try to make me feel better, genius I know (haha).

Here is the list:
1) Omega 3 with fish oil (or vise verse) 1200 mg for heart health. Because we all want and need a healthy heart right?
2) Cascara sagrada 450 mg for digestive/colon health. Because we all want to get rid of the shit.
3) Chromium picolinate 400 mcg for metabolism support. After researching this one I don't think I will take it daily, but I did take it today. Seems that too much of this one is a bad thing. I may take it every other day.
4) Vitamin D 1000 iu for breast and bone health.... because I want strong bones and a breast lift... think it will do if for me? I forbid negative thoughts on DO YOU THINK IT WILL WORK?
5) Biotin 5000 mcg for skin/nails/hair support, because my hair is thining and my skin is drooping and well lots of patients at work are on this for whatever reason, I figure it has to do some good.
6) Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg for mental alertness/mood, because I am crazy and foggy headed it damn sure wont hurt to try it.

Now should I be taking all of these together? That is the question. Trial and error I say, so this morning I took them all. So far so good. I am not dead yet. If I feel all funky at all today, I will stop them all but the ginkgo (because I really really really need help there) and gradually add the others or something. I don't know why I wasted all that money on these pills lol it wont be a miracle for me. But it felt good spending that money on myself yesterday.

Getting out and enjoying this WONDERFUL weather, now that would be a positive cure for me. But no, I sit here on my ass still. grrrr

My plans for today. Shock the old head of hair, as my roots are really looking all dull and gray oh my at the gray hair for such a young woman lol. Anyway, I will shock the hair, WATCH SOME TIDE FOOTBALL!!!! GO BAMA! and then go buy Thomas and I a white shirt, as we will go try to take amateur outdoor fall photos tomorrow, and I so want us to match because I am just that type of girl. Oh yeah, I also have to friggin' clean the house today, poor me.

I love to watch BAMA play football. I totally do not like the 2:30 ball games though. It feels like they take over the whole day, the early morning games you watch a game and still have all afternoon and evening, the night games you have all day before getting ready to watch them but that 2:30 game feels as though I don't have enough time to start on much because I can't be in the middle of anything during the game, and then when the game is over it is dark, night time already so I shot the hell out of the day. Just my thoughts and man did I not type one hell of a run on sentence in this paragraph. (LOL).

Tomorrow, (and I hope the weather is nice to me) we will venture out and enjoy the fall weather, the trees and smiling for the camera.

This post has been about a little of everything, which probably means I am procrastinating getting my shit done. SO here I go!

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