Thursday, November 5, 2009

No more priviledges

My poor child. She has been less responsible lately. She is an honor student in Pre-DP classes. I knew it would get hard on her this year being in High School for the first year. Her first report card had two B's. Now some parents think that is good for the classes. But parent of a child who has absolutely no difficulty with learning should except A's. I was not a straight A student (by far) I also never applied myself through school and was always worried about the boyfriend I more than the grade I made. My mother was flexible on grades. I didn't want to be flexible. I tell my children that is their job. I work to take care of them, they work to make good grades for me. I don't want her going down the same paths that I have. Not that I can protect her and keep her from living her own life, but she is my responsibility as of now. She is only 14. Not 16, not 18, but FOURTEEN! She thinks she is 20 sometimes. She has a lot of growing up to do still. She had her first boyfriend not too long ago and I was as happy for her as I could be, still feeling she shouldn't be worrying with boys at ALL!!! But supportive of the fact she is growing up and this is a fact of life. I try to be fair and responsible but I can not just let her go. Her friends parents are more lenient than I am, and that is their choice but I keep having to be the bad guy.

Let me elaborate on what has occurred.

Are you sitting down this could be long.

Sitting now?

Ok lets proceed.

My daughter is awesome.

I had posted earlier about her winter guard and how much time and everything it took from her and how I didn't think she could handle it, not yet. Not again. Well I agreed to her doing it. I said basically just don't forget I am expecting you to handle EVERYTHING responsibly.

She spent last Saturday in Saturday school for having her cell phone taking up in class. (First ever discipline either of my children have ever had in school! Pissed me off! But I said I would let it go as a warning, because she claimed it was an accident and accident...well they happen. I felt I was being a cool mom and being understanding.

Her first winter guard practice was tonight. I thought well lets see how good she is doing with her phone use, as I know she had not been doing well in other areas for her practices to be starting (which she told me this morning her practice was tonight). I was thinking hmmm I wonder why she didn't clean her bedroom last night since she knows I am watching her like a hawk.

I proceeded to check my verizon account to see that she has had almost 5000 text messages in 3 weeks time. (is that not an extremely large amount of texting?) No seriously, I don't know? Well, that number shocked me but that was not that bad since it is unlimited and doesn't cost me anything per text or anything (THANKFULLY). I proceed to look at more details on the phone. She was receiving AND SENDING text up to 1 am in the morning on school nights. She was texting in school this week during school hours (REMEMBER SATURDAY SCHOOL??). She must have forgot! That's because she has been up all night and can't function properly during the day!

Well, I may have overreacted. It wouldn't be the first time. But she pushed me wrong breaking rules that have already been established with the phone use. She has not been handling things responsibly at the house, her 11 year old brother has been more responsible.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO I have taken the phone (she wanted to know when she gets back? I simply said when she EARNS it). I told her to call whoever she needed to tell them that she would not be doing winter guard as she can not handle it right now.

She is heart broken. But she did it to herself. I was strict, but I warned her I would be and she didn't take me seriously. Life lessons suck.

Parenting sucks.

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