Friday, November 6, 2009

Meeting in the middle

For starters let me say that I have managed to post every day so far in November. Way to go, me!
Next let me here a HELL YEAH! ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My favorite.
Tbone and I met in the middle. He mentioned Tim's wings last night. I thought about them ALL DAMN DAY. I emailed him was he serious about us possible eating Tim's tonight? He said he hadn't thought about it much. I was thinking ALL DAY remember.... what is Tim's. Those from around here may know but its a small little whole in the wall place called Tim's Cajun Kitchen. They serve cajun food. My favorite... absolute favorite are their wings. OHMYFRACKINGOODNESSHOWAMAZING THEY ARE! I live in Decatur, they are in Huntsville. Not that far but far enough to keep me from enjoying them often. Tbone is nice and takes me for date nights there. He said he would take me there tonight or bring me some home. I smiled. My stomach smiled. My heart smiled. AHHHHHHH yes.. YES. YES!!!! (I almost climax). He did just as he said he would and what did I do. I went by Five Guys and picked up french fries to go with the hot wings. hehehe See we met in the middle somewhere. :) My meal was yummy. My man is yummy.
I am keeping this meal as well as many others from this week a secret.... please don't let my diet know! shhhhh

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