Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have to go out shopping with the crowd of people that will surely be infesting the stores. I have no phobia, but dread like a toothache going out and tackling this job. I am thankful that my dear Tbone will be at my side while we concur the store. The list is long as we will be buying all of our turkey day dinner ingredients at once! ACK. But, it will be so nice not to have to go back out tomorrow. There will some pros to this, we will be done in a few hours. There are lots of negatives...... people are sick and touch everything, people will be everywhere, no one will get the hell out of my way, while I have a precise list of what I need organized by where things are located in the grocery store to try to go in and get stuff and get out, someone will be in my way every isle, all the shit that is bought at the store will have to be carried to the vehicle/ got out of the vehicle / carried in the house and OMG PUT AWAY! The money that will be spent will be plenty (Luckily for this my Dear Tbone is paying, I sure do appreciate him). Lets think of the pros one more time..... we will be done in a few hours.

Tomorrow night, I will plan my attack on the kitchen and how to accomplish everything I want to do after spending several hours volunteering... thankfully my dear sweet Tbone is going to hold down the cooking while I am gone.

I started this post as HELP! But it seems I already have the best helper in my DEAR SWEET TBONE! :) Thanks hun.

EDITED: We survived shopping and now I have my feet all propped up... life is good!

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