Friday, November 6, 2009

Ginkgo Biloba

My memory is a joke around my house. My family laughs at the fact that I can't remember shit! I worry about myself at times. I can watch a movie for instance. NOT FALL ASLEEP, WATCH THE MOVIE and then you mention it a week or so maybe two weeks later and I don't even recall watching it. This is how bad it is. I remember my job functions well. I remember to pay the bills, I remember my daily responsibilities. I just can't remember the fun stuff. My experiences, the things we laugh at. Seems like my happy times are smothered over all the responsible thoughts? Hell I really don't know what its all about or why it seems to be happening. It is not getting better.

My mood. Lately, has been scary. I mean really scary. I am happy and normal and feeling like myself one minute. Sad, depressed and feeling hopeless the next. I have moments of feeling like there is a heavy fog over me and I have no energy to hyper moments where I can't focus to finish a task. I mean shit I have never been going through I have been going through, with it all worsening over the last 5-6 weeks for whatever reason.

I think it is stress. My stress level is really high. My job sucks worse, like its turning out to be the worst one I have ever had. I have been mis-treated terribly and all I can do is grin and bare it, as the economy and lack of jobs out there keep me from progressing on to a new location. So its blah.

Any who. we all have our shit going on don't we. No one's life is perfect we all have our problems and such... this I know. I ain't looking for pity, but I am looking for solutions.

So today I went out and bought some ginkgo biloba. I have heard good things about this. Not sure how beneficial it will be. But I will keep you posted as to how I feel it effects my mood/memory and over all being. :)

(twofer.....two posts in one day!)

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