Saturday, November 21, 2009

Frustration with bunk beds

I accepted a very nice bed from Cathy that she gave to Desmond. It is bunk beds.  Wonderful condition like new.  Thomas and I struggled like hell one evening a while back to put the damn thing together.   I remember all the frustration that was running through us as we were struggling to get the thing together in his tiny bedroom. We were so frustrated that once we got the bed together, that is all we did. We stopped right there, never put the ladder on or railings on top just told him he couldn't sleep up there until we did.  Well it has been almost a year and we have still not put the ladder or railings up.  THAT IS HOW FRUSTRATING THAT BED WAS!  Well now I have decided I hate that bunk bed.  I appreciate it, but HATE it in that tiny bedroom.  There is no room to walk in there, all he does is hide stuff and truth be told I hate going in there myself to see if he has cleaned because it is smothering to me.  I have decided that I wanted to take the bed down. Maybe just the top bunk off and leave the bottom for now, until I can buy him another bed. I thought ahhh Desmond and myself can do this task.  I have sat there and got basically SCREAMING MAD or FRUSTRATED over trying to get the F'in thing out of that bedroom!  OMGOODNESS!   I was trying to not require Tbone's help as he has been working so hard outside on the light show. But, I have given up. I can't take the bed apart since I can't break the screws loose because they are on so tight, I can't just take the bed out because its not going to make the turn out the bedroom down the hallway together. I wanted to tear his room apart and clean it thoroughly this evening.....and now I sit here typing on this thing because I am frustrated.  I don't want to bother Thomas and I feel like a complete idiot.  I like accomplishing things, and when I feel as though I can't it pisses me off!

Ok I have vented. I guess I will go wash some clothes and start some dinner, since that is at least something I CAN DO!

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