Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well not really exciting, but I got your attention, huh?

I look at the clock as I type this entry and it is 0050 hrs. Which means it is way past my bedtime.

I am excited. Why? Because I just spent money I didn't have to spend... haha. Sometimes you just got to do that, right?

At Wal-mart previously this afternoon I spent $87 bucks on: Christmas light strand tester, 4 different herbal substances as I am trying to take vitamins or supplements to make myself feel better, no I am not kidding. It is worth a shot! I bought Biotin, CP (this one is abbreviated as I am sitting comfy in my chair with laptop in lab and don't feel like walking into the kitchen to find out the actual name of it, lazy ass I know. I will post about these herbal supplements in the near future) Vitamin D, Fish oil with omega 3 and the only other items purchased (that I can remember, see this post about my memory) was cereal and milk. Oh wait.... I did get me a box of hair coloring too, my damn roots are looking horrific.

Then, I have been following this marvelous lady's blog The Pioneer Woman for a while now, and she has a new cookbook out, that I am sure will be out of this world! She is actually on her book signing tour right now. I have wanted this book you see, but haven't ordered it, until I logged onto Amazon a few minutes ago and ordered it! :)

Then, while at Amazon I realize that if I order something else, I will get free shipping. I thought for a moment and remembered another book I needed computer software related. So I placed order for that as well.

Total spent tonight: $117 bucks. all on ME! Don't worry I will be regretting this. Because I already think of the fact that Destiny needs some new clothes and I told her we would shop on Sunday for them, its buying a couple of pair of jeans because the child has outgrown hers!

I think of Thanksgiving coming up, but my logic is that I can use Ree's (The pioneer woman) book to help me come up with Thanksgiving dinner... right? hehe I am so smart!

Oh just for those who get paid biweekly, you probably only have 3 more paydays before Christmas too. Yes you can thank me for that realization later! I about fell over when I thought about it. ACK! I have not bought the first thing. I said this year I was not waiting until the last minute. Next payday after bills of course lol I WILL start shopping. (thinking, I sure hope someone holds me to this statement).

Anyway I feel good and I am excited about my little spending spree. My mood is better. Not sure if its just that it is Friday, I have less worries today, I am having a nice relaxing evening, or the ginkgo biloba just yet. I only took one tablet, surely it takes time to kick in. It could be that I had my spending spree, us women like spend money or so I hear. All I know is that it tickles my fancy to be feeling better. My mood this week was scary.

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