Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today I start de-cluttering my life. Day 1 it is a Sunday therefore there is no work to get in my way. I have had a lazy morning but already got a beginning to my bathroom.

I feel more productive already. Knowing that I actually got up off my ass today and did something that I have been needing to do. Here is a brief list of what I want to get accomplished during my de-clutter.
- Finish the bathroom
- Clean my bedroom thoroughly
- Wash some laundry (it never ends so I can't say do it all... just some).
- Straighten up and do normal kitchen duties.
In the future
- Keep the rooms clean by going through them every single day to keep in tip top shape.
- Take Desmond to get his hair cut.
- Find photos for Christmas presents and print them.
- Wrap the few presents that have been purchased already.
- De-clutter the dining room and dust. Move the movies to the living room and the table over to that wall, maybe by some stools in the future.
- De clutter the kitchen, organize the cabinets.
- Clean the fridge thoroughly.
- Dust, sweep, mop the entire kitchen/laundry/dining room area.
- Clean the living room thoroughly and try to figure out where the tree will go. Get rid of the speakers that are not hooked up, dust, wash the curtains, and sweep and mop the hardwood.
- De-clutter Destiny's room and organize her things. (new book shelve needed in there).
- Clean the car out, wash it, wash windows...
- Finish Christmas shopping, wrapping and plan for Christmas meal.
- Start a plan for painting the kiddos rooms. (after their rooms are painted, begin on the kitchen and my bedroom).

Holy Hell batman, that is a long list. That is just cleaning. Not to mention the bills and other things that I have to organize and be responsible for..... no wonder I stress out sometimes, no wonder I feel overwhelmed when trying to accomplish things, there are entirely too many things to accomplish. When taking the time to work on one task, another falls behind. Oh well its life. What I will say is how thankful I am to have a home to clean.

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  1. Holy Hell Batman! That IS a long list! Once you finish THAT one, come here and do it all at my house lol.