Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2. Taking it with Fingernails

Today has sucked big ol' donkey dicks. If you know what I am talking about these kind of days, that is. It is Monday. A Monday for which "The Man" has stuck it to me yet again. You know that type of stuff you take that says you bend over and take it, and rather you like it or not pretend it feels real good. Yeah basically lost a very important benefit today....chalk it up to the poor economy state of our nation but no matter the cause or reason, IT SUCKS!!!! All I ask is the next time someone plans on sticking it to me like this... use ABOLENE! (those of you who don't know what Abolene is, it is form of lubricant, hehe, I was being naughty...shhhhh).
All of that being said, let me take a moment to leave this quote"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing." Vincent Van Gogh. This my friends will help me through this horracious day (I am making up words now).
My plans for this evening? Soaking in the tub, doing my toe nails (You know painting them all up and making them just special! :) I may edit post for pictures if you are lucky! I will also do my nails.
Lets take a moment to discuss my nails. Some women pay lots of money to get their nails "did" and such, but I am a cheapskate. So let me briefly (because I am in a hurry to go soak and get busy) (BUT I DID MAKE SURE I MADE TIME TO BLOG,......GO ME!) explain my cheap way of getting false nails. You buy them from your local drug store. I buy french manicure (petite size) broadway nails at my local Walgreens for under 6 dollars. It comes with all essentials needed so that is all I pay. Some ladies pay 30 bucks or heaven forbid MORE to get their nails "did". This my friend is a waste, and also damaging to your nail bed. I use these broadway nails and simply let them get to the point of wearing off (usually about 1 week, sometimes longer). If one falls off, simply reapply. I work with my fingers daily and have no dishwasher so I hand wash dishes daily. These nails hold up to all my activities. I recommend them to any mom on a budget who doesn't want to have plain boring nails. You can paint the broadway nails if you choose, but I usually just leave them as a french manicure, as it is easy to maintain. The truth is I don't like getting them done, I don't like paying the money, and I don't like the way my nail beds are afterwards. I have little to no damage at all with these marvelous cost saving broadway nails.
Happy Monday to you all, and I am going to pamper myself now. Maybe post pictures of my finished fingers and toesies (makin' up words again) when I am done. (NO PROMISES.... I said Maybe.... my favorite word as a Mom).

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