Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas time already?

Wow. I hate to start Christmas before Thanksgiving. I always have been this way. But for the first time EVAH, I bought some Christmas presents before Thanksgiving. OH MY GOSH, I know right? I bought 5 gifts. 2 for my dad, 1 for my mom, 1 for my grandma and one for the other Tonya in the family. Not bad. I feel actually accomplished and excited about it. I manged to go shopping for Destiny's a couple of pair of jeans and these gifts after work. I did not manage to buy groceries however. BAHUMGROCERIES. Anyway, that will be my evening tasks for tomorrow.

Christmas has started mucho early around here. Tbone is big, gigantic, HUGE on Christmas and I love this about him. There is never, absolutely NEVER a dull Christmas/Holiday around here. I will post a link to the Christmas show once its up and running.....stay tuned. That being said, I listen to Christmas music way before time as I hear him on his computer tweaking songs for the show. This years show is bound to be amazing.

I have added a link to my page here of a Christmas playlist for those who may need a little encouragement to kick off this holiday season.

I look forward to my cookbook as mentioned here so I may get some cooking ideas for the holiday's.

I feel really super good today. I am fatigued, my ankle is sore (like a toothache sore) but other then those two things, I feel good! Life is good. I am blessed.

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