Saturday, November 21, 2009

Calming spirit

A calming spirit finally came to me today. I have been uptight and plain out bitchy for a big part of the day. Not sure what got me in the mood, nothing particularly but whew.... whoah! Po Thomas, Po Desmond... They must love me to put up with such a tantrum that I can throw. Finally that peace came from somewhere. My man forgives me for my moods, God bless his soul! My son over looks as he has lived with me, well.... all his po lil ol life. I feel better, it passed.

I could not find my hounds tooth hat this morning was the start of my mood, then all the things that I need to be doing but can't seem to stay motivated in... well, they are driving me bananas! B - A- N - A -N - A- S. Whew! Then I tackle that bed...that damn bed. HA! The top bunk bed is laying on its side in the middle of the floor in my son's room right now. I freakin' just left it! That thing beat me good. Got the best of me. I give. It wins! Thankfully Thomas said he would help me get it out of that room tomorrow morning! I shall get that child's room cleaned tomorrow! Hopefully find a place to put the bed (see I have no plans, this is how I work lately.....I just want it gone!). After that then I will spend my time and energy more on basic housework, and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

We will be volunteering between the hours of 10:30 to 1 pm at the soup kitchen at the downtown rescue mission in Hunstville on Thanksgiving. This should be a great experience for my children and even myself. I look forward to donating this time. I do alot of cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, but luckily my Tbone will be holding down the dinner while the kids and I are gone... so it should be a very blessed day! :)

This evening has been great. I cooked some dinner. Then Thomas and I headed to Tarjay (Target) and bought some Christmas movies and stuff.... he got me a Caramel Frappacino from starbucks...isn't that sweet! Then we sat out in front of the house checking out his hard work with the light show. It is AWESOME!!!!! You all will get sick of me talking about the lights... so you should just come see them, leave a comment on the guestbook or my site here that says what you think of them and the more feed back I get the more I will hush about them! BUT until then LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!!!! You MUST come see them! :)

See calming. Its been a wonderful evening. Its a wonderful life! :) That bed can kiss my ass..... and tomorrow when it is in pieces... I will take time to stick my tongue out and say neener to it! :)

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