Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Broken litter box????

Co worker: "Your son is on the phone"
ME: "Hey baby, whats up?"
My son: sobbing... "Momma, I broke your litter box".
Me: "what?, My litter box? (I have a litter box?), you broke it? How do you break a litter box?"
My son: "I fell in it".
Me: "its a huge box, you feel in it? Was there poo in it? ewww? Are you ok? ewww? Did you wash your hands? ewww? you broke it really?
My son: "Destiny pushed me"
Me: "what did you do, why did she push you?
My son: "Well, I started it".
Me: "enough said.... STOP callin me unless its an emergency... I am working to pay for stuff like replacing litte boxes".

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