Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today I start de-cluttering my life. Day 1 it is a Sunday therefore there is no work to get in my way. I have had a lazy morning but already got a beginning to my bathroom.

I feel more productive already. Knowing that I actually got up off my ass today and did something that I have been needing to do. Here is a brief list of what I want to get accomplished during my de-clutter.
- Finish the bathroom
- Clean my bedroom thoroughly
- Wash some laundry (it never ends so I can't say do it all... just some).
- Straighten up and do normal kitchen duties.
In the future
- Keep the rooms clean by going through them every single day to keep in tip top shape.
- Take Desmond to get his hair cut.
- Find photos for Christmas presents and print them.
- Wrap the few presents that have been purchased already.
- De-clutter the dining room and dust. Move the movies to the living room and the table over to that wall, maybe by some stools in the future.
- De clutter the kitchen, organize the cabinets.
- Clean the fridge thoroughly.
- Dust, sweep, mop the entire kitchen/laundry/dining room area.
- Clean the living room thoroughly and try to figure out where the tree will go. Get rid of the speakers that are not hooked up, dust, wash the curtains, and sweep and mop the hardwood.
- De-clutter Destiny's room and organize her things. (new book shelve needed in there).
- Clean the car out, wash it, wash windows...
- Finish Christmas shopping, wrapping and plan for Christmas meal.
- Start a plan for painting the kiddos rooms. (after their rooms are painted, begin on the kitchen and my bedroom).

Holy Hell batman, that is a long list. That is just cleaning. Not to mention the bills and other things that I have to organize and be responsible for..... no wonder I stress out sometimes, no wonder I feel overwhelmed when trying to accomplish things, there are entirely too many things to accomplish. When taking the time to work on one task, another falls behind. Oh well its life. What I will say is how thankful I am to have a home to clean.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lazy day

Today has to be the most laziest day I have had in a long time. I have been very unproductive and usually that does not bother me at all, but today it bothers me. Today I want to do more and I am blah that I have not. Oh well. Maybe I needed today for the week I am about to have, who knows? Anyway, nothing too special to blog about. Hope everyone is enjoying their time with their family.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas time again

Here is a collage of Christmas 2008. As you can see I am playing with photos today, hehe. I look forward to Christmas this year.


I just wanted to take a moment to say ROLL TIDE!!!!!

And the Tide rolls again!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Right on time.

You know how awesome I am? I multi-task well. My evening has been crazy but I am doing really well considering what all was accomplished tonight. I came home from work, rested a bit. Then went with the family to get something to eat. Once I got back home I went straight to the kitchen. I made three batches of cornbread seasoned for my dressing. I cut up onions and celery and peeled potatoes and diced them. I assisted the kiddos with baking cookies and pb bars, I boiled a chicken and de-boned it and put all ingredients together for my broccoli casserole so all I have to do is bake it tomorrow. I was done with everything by 9 pm. I typed on my blog, messed around with facebook and went with TBone to get some ice cream. It truly was a busy evening, but it was all fun and enjoyable. I love the Holidays.

I will get up in the morning, finish putting all ingredients together for the chicken n dressing, get the beans on, make the potato salad. Then get dressed and ready to go out to the Rescue Mission for the soup kitchen we are volunteering. We will get home to finish all the cooking while TBone will have made the ham and some yummy apple crisp dessert....... we will enjoy our dinner with each other and then, yes THEN! I will drink my wine, sit in my chair, and be lazy as hell! That is what my Thanksgiving will hold! I look forward to every minute of it! I am such a blessed woman! :)

The night before Thanksgiving (because I am a dork)

Tis the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house only two creatures were stirring TBone and myself.
The kiddos are tucked all snug in their beds while visions of food dance in their heads.
The kitchen is clean and neat, hopefully tomorrow it will all be complete.
Volunteering and cooking a dinner that's devine, maybe it will all be ready on time.
I have already made my chicken and dressing batter, so tomorrow morning their will be less clatter.
One dish, two dish, three dish complete, paper plates as fine china and with plastic forks and spoons we eat.
No dish washer to wash all the mess away, maybe I will get one someday.
Until then we shall gather around the sink, on Destiny, on Desmond, on Tonya and Thomas, can we wish away the dishes you think?
All hands on deck the task will be done, Happy Thanksgiving we will have each and everyone.

A time of Thanksgiving.

Where do I start? How do I find the words to express what I am thankful for? I know there are no words. Let me say this.....

I am thankful for my most awesome children who brighten up my life in so many ways.
I am thankful for having a companion, a love in my life... I am thankful for having Tbone.
I am thankful for my family, who hold a special part of my heart.
I am thankful for the roof over my head and having a place to call home.
I am thankful for all the calories I consume that keep my ass fluffy.
I am thankful for having a Thanksgiving dinner.
I am thankful for the good health of my family and friends.
I am thankful that my Dad no longer has cancer.
I am thankful that November's bills have all been paid.
I am thankful for the marvelous Christmas light show that Tbone has at our home, and the smiles it will bring to others.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for my job even though it has turned out to be the most unpleasant part of my life, I am thankful to have it.
I am thankful for my computer, my blog and online friends.
I am thankful to have an automobile to drive, even though I have to make a payment on it every month.
I am thankful for the big ass TV that sits in the living room.
I am thankful for the never ending supply of diet mountain dew.
I am thankful for toothpaste and deodorant because without it the world would stink more. Lets not forget toilet paper... thats some pretty awesome stuff too.
I am thankful for my boot as it makes my foot feel better, but.... I am tired of this foot.
I am thankful for heat when its cold and cold when its hot.
I am thankful for my kitchen as it will provide an awesome dinner for my family, even if its the smallest on this planet.
I am thankful for wine because it is awesome.
I am thankful for my Trixie cat because she is Purrrrfect.
I am thankful for what memory I have left because I am losing it!
I am thankful for being loved and having love to give.

I took time to think of things off the top of my head that I am thankful for. Oh, the list could grow and words are never enough.... but I am thankful for my life and everyone / everything in it.

From my family to yours.... Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have to go out shopping with the crowd of people that will surely be infesting the stores. I have no phobia, but dread like a toothache going out and tackling this job. I am thankful that my dear Tbone will be at my side while we concur the store. The list is long as we will be buying all of our turkey day dinner ingredients at once! ACK. But, it will be so nice not to have to go back out tomorrow. There will some pros to this, we will be done in a few hours. There are lots of negatives...... people are sick and touch everything, people will be everywhere, no one will get the hell out of my way, while I have a precise list of what I need organized by where things are located in the grocery store to try to go in and get stuff and get out, someone will be in my way every isle, all the shit that is bought at the store will have to be carried to the vehicle/ got out of the vehicle / carried in the house and OMG PUT AWAY! The money that will be spent will be plenty (Luckily for this my Dear Tbone is paying, I sure do appreciate him). Lets think of the pros one more time..... we will be done in a few hours.

Tomorrow night, I will plan my attack on the kitchen and how to accomplish everything I want to do after spending several hours volunteering... thankfully my dear sweet Tbone is going to hold down the cooking while I am gone.

I started this post as HELP! But it seems I already have the best helper in my DEAR SWEET TBONE! :) Thanks hun.

EDITED: We survived shopping and now I have my feet all propped up... life is good!

Broken litter box????

Co worker: "Your son is on the phone"
ME: "Hey baby, whats up?"
My son: sobbing... "Momma, I broke your litter box".
Me: "what?, My litter box? (I have a litter box?), you broke it? How do you break a litter box?"
My son: "I fell in it".
Me: "its a huge box, you feel in it? Was there poo in it? ewww? Are you ok? ewww? Did you wash your hands? ewww? you broke it really?
My son: "Destiny pushed me"
Me: "what did you do, why did she push you?
My son: "Well, I started it".
Me: "enough said.... STOP callin me unless its an emergency... I am working to pay for stuff like replacing litte boxes".

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary

7 Years with my Tbone today. I love him and thank him for putting up with me this long!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Calming spirit

A calming spirit finally came to me today. I have been uptight and plain out bitchy for a big part of the day. Not sure what got me in the mood, nothing particularly but whew.... whoah! Po Thomas, Po Desmond... They must love me to put up with such a tantrum that I can throw. Finally that peace came from somewhere. My man forgives me for my moods, God bless his soul! My son over looks as he has lived with me, well.... all his po lil ol life. I feel better, it passed.

I could not find my hounds tooth hat this morning was the start of my mood, then all the things that I need to be doing but can't seem to stay motivated in... well, they are driving me bananas! B - A- N - A -N - A- S. Whew! Then I tackle that bed...that damn bed. HA! The top bunk bed is laying on its side in the middle of the floor in my son's room right now. I freakin' just left it! That thing beat me good. Got the best of me. I give. It wins! Thankfully Thomas said he would help me get it out of that room tomorrow morning! I shall get that child's room cleaned tomorrow! Hopefully find a place to put the bed (see I have no plans, this is how I work lately.....I just want it gone!). After that then I will spend my time and energy more on basic housework, and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

We will be volunteering between the hours of 10:30 to 1 pm at the soup kitchen at the downtown rescue mission in Hunstville on Thanksgiving. This should be a great experience for my children and even myself. I look forward to donating this time. I do alot of cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, but luckily my Tbone will be holding down the dinner while the kids and I are gone... so it should be a very blessed day! :)

This evening has been great. I cooked some dinner. Then Thomas and I headed to Tarjay (Target) and bought some Christmas movies and stuff.... he got me a Caramel Frappacino from starbucks...isn't that sweet! Then we sat out in front of the house checking out his hard work with the light show. It is AWESOME!!!!! You all will get sick of me talking about the lights... so you should just come see them, leave a comment on the guestbook or my site here that says what you think of them and the more feed back I get the more I will hush about them! BUT until then LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!!!! You MUST come see them! :)

See calming. Its been a wonderful evening. Its a wonderful life! :) That bed can kiss my ass..... and tomorrow when it is in pieces... I will take time to stick my tongue out and say neener to it! :)

Frustration with bunk beds

I accepted a very nice bed from Cathy that she gave to Desmond. It is bunk beds.  Wonderful condition like new.  Thomas and I struggled like hell one evening a while back to put the damn thing together.   I remember all the frustration that was running through us as we were struggling to get the thing together in his tiny bedroom. We were so frustrated that once we got the bed together, that is all we did. We stopped right there, never put the ladder on or railings on top just told him he couldn't sleep up there until we did.  Well it has been almost a year and we have still not put the ladder or railings up.  THAT IS HOW FRUSTRATING THAT BED WAS!  Well now I have decided I hate that bunk bed.  I appreciate it, but HATE it in that tiny bedroom.  There is no room to walk in there, all he does is hide stuff and truth be told I hate going in there myself to see if he has cleaned because it is smothering to me.  I have decided that I wanted to take the bed down. Maybe just the top bunk off and leave the bottom for now, until I can buy him another bed. I thought ahhh Desmond and myself can do this task.  I have sat there and got basically SCREAMING MAD or FRUSTRATED over trying to get the F'in thing out of that bedroom!  OMGOODNESS!   I was trying to not require Tbone's help as he has been working so hard outside on the light show. But, I have given up. I can't take the bed apart since I can't break the screws loose because they are on so tight, I can't just take the bed out because its not going to make the turn out the bedroom down the hallway together. I wanted to tear his room apart and clean it thoroughly this evening.....and now I sit here typing on this thing because I am frustrated.  I don't want to bother Thomas and I feel like a complete idiot.  I like accomplishing things, and when I feel as though I can't it pisses me off!

Ok I have vented. I guess I will go wash some clothes and start some dinner, since that is at least something I CAN DO!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Volunteering and free lunch.

We got free lunch brought to us at work today... that is always nice. They ordered from Chili's and I got a quesadilla explosion salad and those things are wonderful! But so bad for you, considering it is a SALAD. UGH.... but it was worth every dreadful calorie I took in because it was delish!

Now, a great, no marvelous woman I have known from many years past ( Heather ) posted to her facebook about her and her family volunteering at their local soup kitchen for Thanksgiving and it has me thinking. What can me and my family do. My kids know nothing about this yet lol but they will be volunteering at our local downtown rescue mission for the holiday. I have placed a call to see how we may volunteer. So now we will do our part to help out in our community with those less fortunate then ourselves. If I know my children, I know they will thoroughly enjoy doing this for others. Desmond is a bit shy so he may be hesitant at first, but this will be a good experience for both of them and even myself!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking care of business.

Well my to do list is humongous and I don't see the end in site. I do however see two items completed and feel good about those accomplishments.

My ice maker went out back the beginning of October and I was not sure how to fix it. I thought I would wait and Thomas would get to it sometime, but the more I had to stop and go get ice, or spend money on ice it was starting to frustrate me. So I researched how to troubleshoot an ice maker and found out that if I thawed the line to the ice maker with a blow dryer that might just work. Guess what! IT DID! :) I fixed it all by myself. That makes me feel good, proud and accomplished.

Now, I have had a nail in my tire for about 8 weeks now, and Thomas has put air in my tire a couple of times as the nail was causing a slow leak. I drive on I-565 for goodness sakes I needed to not keep ignoring this. So today I made a list of things I want done, and started on that list at lunch. I went to a local tire store and told them my situation. 15 minutes later and 8 bucks plus a 2 dollar tip later and my tire is fixed! :) Another accomplishment.

Now the list continues and some are not so easy to accomplish but I plan on getting many things better organized and accomplishing things that seem to keep getting me down. I think I am out of my funk and feel that there is a new page turning for me. :)

I enjoyed the weekend with the kiddos. We had some bonding time. It was nice. My life is good and I am blessed.

Now to get the car washed and oil changed, that should take care of my automobile issues, then on to the house. UGHHH Right!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good day

Today has been a good day. I got some chores done around the house, took the kiddos to take some fall photos and cooked 3 meals today! I feel like a good mom today, actually cooking and stuff, haha.
My foot is aching. It doesn't appear to look worse then it has been, just a lil goose egg on my ankle, but damnit son.... it is hurting! The ache is more of a pain tonight. I have worn my boot all day, besides about 1 hour around the house. This is one thing that is bringing my spirits down, I am ready for the foot to be better and now kicking myself for trying to rush it along, especially if that is what is causing this discomfort now.
I am watching Alabama play football, ROLL TIDE.

I will leave you with some of my very favorite of photos out of many!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stupid me, stupid foot.

I went without boot again today. I did still wear my brace, but I reckon its not good enough and not healed enough to do what I have done.... it feels like a toothache in my foot. Not PAIN, but definetly an ache that wont let up. DAMN THIS FOOT!!!!! I am in-patient and busy woman.... I don't like having limits and I don't like wearing the boot, I am ready to get out and walk hell even work toward jogging running..... this stupid foot!

I have had a pretty good evening so far. I took the kiddos to our local dollar tree... its so neat to go to a store where everything is a dollar. Especially when I am looking for bags/container for cookies to give to my neighbors and friends. The kids always find something that is usually junk but they enjoy me allowing them to actually by junk from time to time! :)

Not enough time.

I suck. I feel like a lousy mom. I love and care for my children and this they are well aware of. But, they have grown up and changed before my very eyes. They have interests, ideas, jokes and stories that I have never heard. They are their own little selves. They are not my babies to flaunt anymore. They are Destiny and Desmond. Yep. Their own people. This is a good thing. It doesn't mean I suck as a parent. What makes me suck is that I NEVER have one on one time with them. I never make that time. We have family time and time together, but never just mother/daughter or mother/son time. I need this. They may not lol But I DO! They are growing too fast and will be adults the next time I blink.

I took Destiny shopping on Sunday and then again on Tuesday as she went grocery shopping with me. That was two nights to hear her new way of talking (all teenager and stuff). Two nights of fun just us girls. Two nights that I rarely ever take with her. I think I enjoyed more than she did, but she did seem tickled to have our time together.

Desmond and I have not had one on one time in so long I could not possibly remember it. Time for me to "play" with him. Just go out for ice cream or something. Time together. We need this! I need this!

Thomas and I have time together. We don't use our time together wisely, like most couples we sometimes get caught up in what we are doing and take for granted what we have. I am probably more popular at doing this than he is, but no one is perfect. He is great about our date night and trying to ensure that we as a couple do something every week. For this I am grateful.

I should be more like that with the kids. Make a date night with them. Monday night is Destiny's night. Rather we do each other's hair and nails, or go out shopping, or go for a walk/talk. Monday should be her night. No cell phone/ texting, no boys... just us. Its a tradition we could set, even as she gets older (being that she doesn't move too far away, oh the fear!) we could try to dedicate one night a week to each other. Desmond's night could be Tuesday, a night where I do whatever it is Desmond wants me to do.....see I have lost touch with him so much I don't really know what he would want from me on such a night, but I feel in my heart he would greatly appreciate me giving this to him. I think it may make me happy and I can feel like less of a failure as a parent. I mean I dish out rules and punishment and then feel guilty about sticking to them. I feel this way because I don't feel I take enough time with them JUST them to be punishing them so much, or I feel that I make their world nothing but negative since there is never a moment for positive. Just a time where mom says I love you enough to give you one evening out of my hectic week. Because I do love them that much. I would give them my entire world if there was only a way.

I will hopefully continue to have Date nights with Thomas. He has his own little projects with the light show and things that he gets involved with that he shouldn't mind the separation on the nights that I give the kids and Wednesday night I will be all his!

Thursday night... well that night. That night will be MINE. all mine. A night to be lazy and go to bed at 8 if I want lol like I did last night. A night to pamper myself or get out and shop for myself or do something for me.

Friday-Sunday is up in the air, whatever we do we do. The kiddos go away every other weekend, so Sunday night should be FAMILY night......and the rest we just fill in with whatever.

Right now I am not involved in activities, the kids are not in after school activities and Thomas is doing nothing that would interfere with this schedule. Schedules can change, but the time together is something that I will regret not making time for. Not scheduling it in with the chores and responsibilities. 1 hour or 2 hours or 3 hours whatever we decided to do, its precious hours of time that I use to have with them and I have somehow over the years lost them. As they continue to get older, I will continue to lose more and more time with them.... I have to schedule myself in there somewhere!

Life is good, I am coming full circle with some of my feelings and issues lately. I am realizing some of my problems and trying to focus on correcting them. Life is hard enough with the burdens of bills, and chores and HAVE to dos that the family and loved ones get pushed back and pushed back. Family is first. Not second in my life. FIRST. I need to show this to my children more and set that example that hopefully they will take on to their children. My kids are really awesome and I can learn a lot from them!

Have you taken time with your kids lately? Have you made time in your busy schedule to "play" with them?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I ventured out today with a small ankle brace instead of my boot. Worked all day, came home and made dinner and then sat down finally and took the brace off....the ankle has a big goose egg knot on it. I put some ice (bag of black eyed peas) on it and have it propped up. Nothing like an injury to help me be lazy.... like I needed assistance in that department GEESH!

So no walking tonight since the ankle is pissed at me.

I have stayed up way to late lately... after midnight every single night this week.... and get up by 630 am. I am losing my precious beauty sleep and heaven knows how desperately I need this!

So I think I will call it an evening and sit here in my chair and rest my eyes, until it gets late enough to actually go to bed....8 pm is a bit too early for even me and my tired ass.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That is NOT me!

ughhhhhhhhhh so unmotivated lately with the ankle injury and stress from work/life I have totally neglected myself AGAIN!!!!!

Not to mention neglecting my family and the ones I loves so much.

What am I doing about it? FIXING IT!!!

Today at work, my food was not so good. My dinner lol McDonald's (even more not so good) and still very unmotivated. Until I sat down this evening finally at 9 pm for the first time exhausted and feeling as though my trip to the grocery store about killed me! I said I remember a time where I could manage the home/family/work/myself and everything with much less effort than to have to MAKE myself do anything. That time was back when I was fit, and active. Now I rush and rush to try to half ass finish a task to be able to hurry up and sit and be lazy. Why? What is so exciting about about that? I use to be so busy with activities that I enjoyed there was no time to sit and enjoy anything, I was too busy enjoying the activities.... that was fun and what I enjoyed at those times. Now I procrastinate doing anything. I don't necessarily want to get involved with anything because it will take away from my relaxation time. I use to try to make it to book club (which I thoroughly enjoyed) but started making excuses not to drive to Huntsville after working all day and then get home late, and miss out on my relaxing time. However I miss my friends, and I miss doing those activities. I use to enjoy line dancing, I have enjoyed dulcimer group, we use to go out dancing (which is awesome exercise), we use to get out and go shoot pool every week...... there are so many things that we have done to stay active and involved in things, but lately I have got old and lazy.

After this long thought (all of 20-30 minutes) I took of the old ankle boot, popped in Walk away the pounds and did the 1 mile! No pain. The ankle is weak, I am not ready to go out and about on a walk yet, but the standing in place no obstacle safety of my home, the walk was good. I feel there could be more of this in the near future and looking forward to more progress! My goal is when the ankle has healed and I feel comfortable with it, I will try the C25K program, which was my intention moments before my injury. I want this weight off. I want to get healthy and feel good about me again.

I have had some major accomplishments in my lifetime already such as raising two children without the aid of their father, getting an education with two children, buying my first home, quiting smoking (after 14 years) 4 years ago........ those are just to name a few major accomplishments. There is no, ABSOLUTELY NO reason why I can not accomplish this. I have bitched, fussed and moaned about this for far too long. People around me probably feel I will NEVER do this, because maybe I am all talk. UGHHHHH I don't want to be her... not that person that keeps on bitching and complaining but don't get off her ass to do something about it. No that is not me! Time to get busy!

Some say oh lets wait til the new year and we can start fresh then, its hard to lose over the holidays. I say, there is no time like the present, Tonya get up and do it!

I plan on using the photos that Tbone and I took over the last weekend as a reference. I feel like a cow in those picture. I am sitting down in some poses looking at the fat rolls thinking that is so not me! Those will be my BEFORE photos and hopefully by Spring will take some AFTER pictures. If I lost two pounds per week between now and April 12th I would be at my goal weight. My birthday is in May, so before I turn another year older I could weight my ideal goal weight. Would that not be freaking awesome? I can do this. Its just a bit of work and a lot of determination. Its saying no when you really would love to say yes. Its stopping before feeling full and staying satisfied instead of stuffed. Its learning when to say when, and most importantly its getting off my ass and moving!!!!!

If you can't tell I feel good and hyper and ready to move mountains right now, lol lets just hope this is present in the morning!

Say it ain't so!

I missed yesterday! Oh my poor NaBloPoMo. I forgot to post yesterday. UGHHHHHHHHHH That is heart breaking. Discouraging. Frustrating. Ughhhhh but.... OH well some days I do more than one post so I wont be too upset with myself. I will just keep on keeping on as usual.

I had a damn good excuse. I was spending time with my Tbone and magnificent family. Thomas took me on a date night. We went to eat dinner at Applebee's. I wore my diamond/pearl earrings and everything. Yep, since I am a country gal, I wore the earrings with my jeans! I didn't wear my boots as I still have my lovely orthopedic boot that is so stylish and all. The dinner was pleasant the food was "OK" but nothing to boast over. The mango margarita kicked ass! :) After dinner we came home to spend time with the kiddos. We all were going to watch Orphan but the Direct TV recorder was a bitch last night and wouldn't download in enough speed to Fancy allof our needs for TV. So we watched what I had been wanting to watch instead 'The proposal' and it was freaking hilarious. I enjoyed it and think the whole family did too. (HEHE I even heard Tbone laughing out loud on more than a few occasions and this was a delightful sound). See! I told you it was a good excuse not to do my darn post yesterday. FAMILY always comes first!

My whole family was home today while I was at work, go me right? ughh it sucked. All day I wanted more than anything to be home with them. Luckily I came home and my baby girl had done some house work for me. That was nice. There was a reason of course. She is trying (not too hard, but trying nonetheless) to get her cell phone back. That may happen this weekend, but strong stipulations in place.

Let me not forget to take a moment to Thank the Veterans for all they have done and continue to do for our country.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Finding Nemo

Where did he go? I swear we had that movie, and now poof its gone. Destiny and I were singing. "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim" because we so love Dory and we can't find NEMO!!!!

Christmas time already?

Wow. I hate to start Christmas before Thanksgiving. I always have been this way. But for the first time EVAH, I bought some Christmas presents before Thanksgiving. OH MY GOSH, I know right? I bought 5 gifts. 2 for my dad, 1 for my mom, 1 for my grandma and one for the other Tonya in the family. Not bad. I feel actually accomplished and excited about it. I manged to go shopping for Destiny's a couple of pair of jeans and these gifts after work. I did not manage to buy groceries however. BAHUMGROCERIES. Anyway, that will be my evening tasks for tomorrow.

Christmas has started mucho early around here. Tbone is big, gigantic, HUGE on Christmas and I love this about him. There is never, absolutely NEVER a dull Christmas/Holiday around here. I will post a link to the Christmas show once its up and running.....stay tuned. That being said, I listen to Christmas music way before time as I hear him on his computer tweaking songs for the show. This years show is bound to be amazing.

I have added a link to my page here of a Christmas playlist for those who may need a little encouragement to kick off this holiday season.

I look forward to my cookbook as mentioned here so I may get some cooking ideas for the holiday's.

I feel really super good today. I am fatigued, my ankle is sore (like a toothache sore) but other then those two things, I feel good! Life is good. I am blessed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whew... I made it

I did not miss out on my post for today! GO ME!!!! I was afraid.

My brother made it through surgery today, and should be home tomorrow. :) Thank goodness.

I had some photos made with my sweetie. We talked his mother in taking them for us, UNTIL William takes some for us, so there will be more in the future. I have not got them uploaded yet, but here is a sample. I think she did a good job, but maybe because she wasn't use to my camera most of the pictures are bit blurry. I look forward to William taking some for us. Maybe they will be more of Engagement photos..... a girl can dream lol. HAHA

Yep that is me and my sweet Tbone. :) He has been the love of my life for 7 years now.

My Sunday has been good, my mood is more like my self. I look forward to a good week!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on my Brother

I sat and waited patiently and then broke down and called. I spoke with Julie (my sis-in-law) and she was back home. She said that they did not do the surgery today/tonight as they didn't have time and tomorrow would be better as they can have an arm specialist come in for it. My brothers injuries are limited to one location, he has broken his humerus. Its painful, and he will have to still undergo the surgery and probably a rough recovery time, but thankfully it was nothing too serious.

Thank you to all who have said a prayer or sent out some good karma his way.

I feel like I can breath, and I feel much better because I did get to speak to him tonight.... he jokingly said "I was not a clutz this time, the barn collapsed". He just knew I was fixin' to pick on him because my brother kept a broken bone during most of his childhood years lol. I thought he had outgrown his clumsiness...... and he was assuring me that he had indeed outgrown that. :) I love him!

My bubba

I just hung up the phone and feel powerless. I wish I had magical powers sometimes, and this is one of those times. My brother. My most awesome bubba. Well he has had a terrible accident. He bought a big bunch of land up in KY and has been building a barn, my mom (who lives in Alabama) was there visiting and my grandparents. My mom called to tell me he has fallen off the barn. They are taking him into surgery. I feel helpless.

Sounds like it sucks for him, but doesn't sound like its life threatening. He has messed his arm up pretty bad and that is what the surgery is for, but his creatine levels are off and they are going to be monitoring to ensure no damage to organs.

All of my thoughts, all of my good karma are with my brother right now. I love him very much. I hate the distance between us.

I sit here watching Alabama get their ass kicked and think about my brother. He is a HUGE Alabama fan. So Imma be yelling BIG FAT ROLL TIDE FOR HIM.... its the least I can do. SO come on your cardiac boys...... LETS KICK SOME TIGERS ASS!!!!

Oh yeah, if you read this, say a prayer for my SUPER bubba and his family! Thanks a bunch!

Edited again: ROLL TIDE ALABAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!


Lots of people are discussing the behavior this lady Elizabeth Lambert and although I have strongly felt like doing this to some people, I have to say she has some more balls to do it and do it with millions of eyes watching! I am wondering her violence is a result of steroids.... makes ya think huh? Do women take them to be better in sports?

The OTC drugs

The dietary and herbal supplements I have are a plenty. I took them ALL this morning, so if something happens to me lol Tbone can refer to this post. I have never taking supplements really, EVER. They say they can do wonders. My foot is not up to par still as exercises is not the easiest. I could. Yes I could but I am fearful. This injury has really screwed with me as it has taken so long to make progress toward healing. 10/10/09 was date of injury and still have swelling and discomfort at times. 400 bucks later, still have pain and swelling at times. Whatever I do. I don't want to re-injure myself. So, I have opted to sit on my fat ass and eat whatever I want as I have been in a funk anyway. Well, I believe this self mutilation is only adding to the misery I feel at times. I need to get my ass moving. Instead I invest in a shit load of OTC drugs to try to make me feel better, genius I know (haha).

Here is the list:
1) Omega 3 with fish oil (or vise verse) 1200 mg for heart health. Because we all want and need a healthy heart right?
2) Cascara sagrada 450 mg for digestive/colon health. Because we all want to get rid of the shit.
3) Chromium picolinate 400 mcg for metabolism support. After researching this one I don't think I will take it daily, but I did take it today. Seems that too much of this one is a bad thing. I may take it every other day.
4) Vitamin D 1000 iu for breast and bone health.... because I want strong bones and a breast lift... think it will do if for me? I forbid negative thoughts on DO YOU THINK IT WILL WORK?
5) Biotin 5000 mcg for skin/nails/hair support, because my hair is thining and my skin is drooping and well lots of patients at work are on this for whatever reason, I figure it has to do some good.
6) Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg for mental alertness/mood, because I am crazy and foggy headed it damn sure wont hurt to try it.

Now should I be taking all of these together? That is the question. Trial and error I say, so this morning I took them all. So far so good. I am not dead yet. If I feel all funky at all today, I will stop them all but the ginkgo (because I really really really need help there) and gradually add the others or something. I don't know why I wasted all that money on these pills lol it wont be a miracle for me. But it felt good spending that money on myself yesterday.

Getting out and enjoying this WONDERFUL weather, now that would be a positive cure for me. But no, I sit here on my ass still. grrrr

My plans for today. Shock the old head of hair, as my roots are really looking all dull and gray oh my at the gray hair for such a young woman lol. Anyway, I will shock the hair, WATCH SOME TIDE FOOTBALL!!!! GO BAMA! and then go buy Thomas and I a white shirt, as we will go try to take amateur outdoor fall photos tomorrow, and I so want us to match because I am just that type of girl. Oh yeah, I also have to friggin' clean the house today, poor me.

I love to watch BAMA play football. I totally do not like the 2:30 ball games though. It feels like they take over the whole day, the early morning games you watch a game and still have all afternoon and evening, the night games you have all day before getting ready to watch them but that 2:30 game feels as though I don't have enough time to start on much because I can't be in the middle of anything during the game, and then when the game is over it is dark, night time already so I shot the hell out of the day. Just my thoughts and man did I not type one hell of a run on sentence in this paragraph. (LOL).

Tomorrow, (and I hope the weather is nice to me) we will venture out and enjoy the fall weather, the trees and smiling for the camera.

This post has been about a little of everything, which probably means I am procrastinating getting my shit done. SO here I go!


Well not really exciting, but I got your attention, huh?

I look at the clock as I type this entry and it is 0050 hrs. Which means it is way past my bedtime.

I am excited. Why? Because I just spent money I didn't have to spend... haha. Sometimes you just got to do that, right?

At Wal-mart previously this afternoon I spent $87 bucks on: Christmas light strand tester, 4 different herbal substances as I am trying to take vitamins or supplements to make myself feel better, no I am not kidding. It is worth a shot! I bought Biotin, CP (this one is abbreviated as I am sitting comfy in my chair with laptop in lab and don't feel like walking into the kitchen to find out the actual name of it, lazy ass I know. I will post about these herbal supplements in the near future) Vitamin D, Fish oil with omega 3 and the only other items purchased (that I can remember, see this post about my memory) was cereal and milk. Oh wait.... I did get me a box of hair coloring too, my damn roots are looking horrific.

Then, I have been following this marvelous lady's blog The Pioneer Woman for a while now, and she has a new cookbook out, that I am sure will be out of this world! She is actually on her book signing tour right now. I have wanted this book you see, but haven't ordered it, until I logged onto Amazon a few minutes ago and ordered it! :)

Then, while at Amazon I realize that if I order something else, I will get free shipping. I thought for a moment and remembered another book I needed computer software related. So I placed order for that as well.

Total spent tonight: $117 bucks. all on ME! Don't worry I will be regretting this. Because I already think of the fact that Destiny needs some new clothes and I told her we would shop on Sunday for them, its buying a couple of pair of jeans because the child has outgrown hers!

I think of Thanksgiving coming up, but my logic is that I can use Ree's (The pioneer woman) book to help me come up with Thanksgiving dinner... right? hehe I am so smart!

Oh just for those who get paid biweekly, you probably only have 3 more paydays before Christmas too. Yes you can thank me for that realization later! I about fell over when I thought about it. ACK! I have not bought the first thing. I said this year I was not waiting until the last minute. Next payday after bills of course lol I WILL start shopping. (thinking, I sure hope someone holds me to this statement).

Anyway I feel good and I am excited about my little spending spree. My mood is better. Not sure if its just that it is Friday, I have less worries today, I am having a nice relaxing evening, or the ginkgo biloba just yet. I only took one tablet, surely it takes time to kick in. It could be that I had my spending spree, us women like spend money or so I hear. All I know is that it tickles my fancy to be feeling better. My mood this week was scary.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ginkgo Biloba

My memory is a joke around my house. My family laughs at the fact that I can't remember shit! I worry about myself at times. I can watch a movie for instance. NOT FALL ASLEEP, WATCH THE MOVIE and then you mention it a week or so maybe two weeks later and I don't even recall watching it. This is how bad it is. I remember my job functions well. I remember to pay the bills, I remember my daily responsibilities. I just can't remember the fun stuff. My experiences, the things we laugh at. Seems like my happy times are smothered over all the responsible thoughts? Hell I really don't know what its all about or why it seems to be happening. It is not getting better.

My mood. Lately, has been scary. I mean really scary. I am happy and normal and feeling like myself one minute. Sad, depressed and feeling hopeless the next. I have moments of feeling like there is a heavy fog over me and I have no energy to hyper moments where I can't focus to finish a task. I mean shit I have never been going through I have been going through, with it all worsening over the last 5-6 weeks for whatever reason.

I think it is stress. My stress level is really high. My job sucks worse, like its turning out to be the worst one I have ever had. I have been mis-treated terribly and all I can do is grin and bare it, as the economy and lack of jobs out there keep me from progressing on to a new location. So its blah.

Any who. we all have our shit going on don't we. No one's life is perfect we all have our problems and such... this I know. I ain't looking for pity, but I am looking for solutions.

So today I went out and bought some ginkgo biloba. I have heard good things about this. Not sure how beneficial it will be. But I will keep you posted as to how I feel it effects my mood/memory and over all being. :)

(twofer.....two posts in one day!)

Meeting in the middle

For starters let me say that I have managed to post every day so far in November. Way to go, me!
Next let me here a HELL YEAH! ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My favorite.
Tbone and I met in the middle. He mentioned Tim's wings last night. I thought about them ALL DAMN DAY. I emailed him was he serious about us possible eating Tim's tonight? He said he hadn't thought about it much. I was thinking ALL DAY remember.... what is Tim's. Those from around here may know but its a small little whole in the wall place called Tim's Cajun Kitchen. They serve cajun food. My favorite... absolute favorite are their wings. OHMYFRACKINGOODNESSHOWAMAZING THEY ARE! I live in Decatur, they are in Huntsville. Not that far but far enough to keep me from enjoying them often. Tbone is nice and takes me for date nights there. He said he would take me there tonight or bring me some home. I smiled. My stomach smiled. My heart smiled. AHHHHHHH yes.. YES. YES!!!! (I almost climax). He did just as he said he would and what did I do. I went by Five Guys and picked up french fries to go with the hot wings. hehehe See we met in the middle somewhere. :) My meal was yummy. My man is yummy.
I am keeping this meal as well as many others from this week a secret.... please don't let my diet know! shhhhh

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No more priviledges

My poor child. She has been less responsible lately. She is an honor student in Pre-DP classes. I knew it would get hard on her this year being in High School for the first year. Her first report card had two B's. Now some parents think that is good for the classes. But parent of a child who has absolutely no difficulty with learning should except A's. I was not a straight A student (by far) I also never applied myself through school and was always worried about the boyfriend I more than the grade I made. My mother was flexible on grades. I didn't want to be flexible. I tell my children that is their job. I work to take care of them, they work to make good grades for me. I don't want her going down the same paths that I have. Not that I can protect her and keep her from living her own life, but she is my responsibility as of now. She is only 14. Not 16, not 18, but FOURTEEN! She thinks she is 20 sometimes. She has a lot of growing up to do still. She had her first boyfriend not too long ago and I was as happy for her as I could be, still feeling she shouldn't be worrying with boys at ALL!!! But supportive of the fact she is growing up and this is a fact of life. I try to be fair and responsible but I can not just let her go. Her friends parents are more lenient than I am, and that is their choice but I keep having to be the bad guy.

Let me elaborate on what has occurred.

Are you sitting down this could be long.

Sitting now?

Ok lets proceed.

My daughter is awesome.

I had posted earlier about her winter guard and how much time and everything it took from her and how I didn't think she could handle it, not yet. Not again. Well I agreed to her doing it. I said basically just don't forget I am expecting you to handle EVERYTHING responsibly.

She spent last Saturday in Saturday school for having her cell phone taking up in class. (First ever discipline either of my children have ever had in school! Pissed me off! But I said I would let it go as a warning, because she claimed it was an accident and accident...well they happen. I felt I was being a cool mom and being understanding.

Her first winter guard practice was tonight. I thought well lets see how good she is doing with her phone use, as I know she had not been doing well in other areas for her practices to be starting (which she told me this morning her practice was tonight). I was thinking hmmm I wonder why she didn't clean her bedroom last night since she knows I am watching her like a hawk.

I proceeded to check my verizon account to see that she has had almost 5000 text messages in 3 weeks time. (is that not an extremely large amount of texting?) No seriously, I don't know? Well, that number shocked me but that was not that bad since it is unlimited and doesn't cost me anything per text or anything (THANKFULLY). I proceed to look at more details on the phone. She was receiving AND SENDING text up to 1 am in the morning on school nights. She was texting in school this week during school hours (REMEMBER SATURDAY SCHOOL??). She must have forgot! That's because she has been up all night and can't function properly during the day!

Well, I may have overreacted. It wouldn't be the first time. But she pushed me wrong breaking rules that have already been established with the phone use. She has not been handling things responsibly at the house, her 11 year old brother has been more responsible.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO I have taken the phone (she wanted to know when she gets back? I simply said when she EARNS it). I told her to call whoever she needed to tell them that she would not be doing winter guard as she can not handle it right now.

She is heart broken. But she did it to herself. I was strict, but I warned her I would be and she didn't take me seriously. Life lessons suck.

Parenting sucks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a fagoobie

No other words for myself lately... fagoobie fits well. I don't know what has got into me. But, I wish it would get the hell out. I own this place, and if it plans on staying it should at least pay rent. GEESH.

I feel a little better, all of the sudden. I was petting my kitty and she was puring so sweet without a care in this whole world and that is when I realized I want to be a cat. Something about that recognition has me feeling a bit more chipper. Well since I was not chipper to begin with, I guess I should say it has me feeling simply better.

I hate feeling like I have. I can't seem to shake it. I know other people have issues like this, but I am about ready to make an appt with a doctor. I feel like I have no control of my own emotions. Life is pretty much suckin' lately, but I still have more than enough to feel blessed and loved but for some reason I feel people would be better off without me around. I feel like I am good for nothing. Now, I have no suicidal thoughts and would never harm myself. I just hate this feeling of worthlessness. I am the only one who can fix me, but there are so many areas to fix. My body, my health, my foot, my job, my house.... dude that is just a start! Now, I know people are faced with more than I have on my plate everyday and do it with smiles on their faces and tonight I say GOOD FOR THEM! I am having a pitty party and can't seem to quit all this celebration. BUT enough is enough.

My thoughts are with my co-worker Haley and her family this evening to... they received really bad news today.

Tomorrow WILL be a better day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not the post you were looking for

Day 3
Blah Blah Blah

That is about all I have for today. I may write more tomorrow, but I wanted to take this moment to say today has sucked. I am depressed and thats all there is.

tomorrow will be another day, hopefully a better one.

At least I took the time to post.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2. Taking it with Fingernails

Today has sucked big ol' donkey dicks. If you know what I am talking about these kind of days, that is. It is Monday. A Monday for which "The Man" has stuck it to me yet again. You know that type of stuff you take that says you bend over and take it, and rather you like it or not pretend it feels real good. Yeah basically lost a very important benefit today....chalk it up to the poor economy state of our nation but no matter the cause or reason, IT SUCKS!!!! All I ask is the next time someone plans on sticking it to me like this... use ABOLENE! (those of you who don't know what Abolene is, it is form of lubricant, hehe, I was being naughty...shhhhh).
All of that being said, let me take a moment to leave this quote"In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing." Vincent Van Gogh. This my friends will help me through this horracious day (I am making up words now).
My plans for this evening? Soaking in the tub, doing my toe nails (You know painting them all up and making them just special! :) I may edit post for pictures if you are lucky! I will also do my nails.
Lets take a moment to discuss my nails. Some women pay lots of money to get their nails "did" and such, but I am a cheapskate. So let me briefly (because I am in a hurry to go soak and get busy) (BUT I DID MAKE SURE I MADE TIME TO BLOG,......GO ME!) explain my cheap way of getting false nails. You buy them from your local drug store. I buy french manicure (petite size) broadway nails at my local Walgreens for under 6 dollars. It comes with all essentials needed so that is all I pay. Some ladies pay 30 bucks or heaven forbid MORE to get their nails "did". This my friend is a waste, and also damaging to your nail bed. I use these broadway nails and simply let them get to the point of wearing off (usually about 1 week, sometimes longer). If one falls off, simply reapply. I work with my fingers daily and have no dishwasher so I hand wash dishes daily. These nails hold up to all my activities. I recommend them to any mom on a budget who doesn't want to have plain boring nails. You can paint the broadway nails if you choose, but I usually just leave them as a french manicure, as it is easy to maintain. The truth is I don't like getting them done, I don't like paying the money, and I don't like the way my nail beds are afterwards. I have little to no damage at all with these marvelous cost saving broadway nails.
Happy Monday to you all, and I am going to pamper myself now. Maybe post pictures of my finished fingers and toesies (makin' up words again) when I am done. (NO PROMISES.... I said Maybe.... my favorite word as a Mom).

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have never participated in this NaBloPoMo, so there is always a first time for everything. I think I am up for this challenge and will try to have interesting posts. Today's post however is not very interesting. I did post previously pics from last night's Halloween party, so there are TWO (I know I am awesome) posts today. So day one is off to a good start.

Why would I start this you say? I am semi-new to the blog world but thoroughly enjoy journaling my life, thoughts, mishaps and joys and sharing it with the world. Why not? Its something to waste time with and give my life purpose and meaning right? lol I am hoping to have more followers as I have NONE.... yep that is a big zero, zelch. NONE! I did have a handful (maybe 6) from my Livejournal blog that I had for 3 years, but I moved to Blogger in October because Livejournal simply was not offering me what I was looking for any longer. I have blogged more lately but never seem to do it on a daily basis, so this my friend is my first attempt! I look forward to searching my brain and picking pieces of it that make sense for readers who may fine me the least bit intrigueing and may become a follower! HINT HINT.... Click that link to the RIGHT (its not hard... its right over there >>>>>) and follow me on blogger. Add my feed to your google reader, if you have one, if you don't you should as it is awesome!

And this my friend, is a completed day one post! :)

Edited: I really don't know if this will work but I thought I would link my post from NaBloPoMo to my blogger..... this may count as 3 posts for day one, as you know I am keeping track now, at least the next 30 days.

Edited again: I checked and it worked, go me!

BTW I use too many smileys sorry if you find it offensive :) Good night!

Spookfest 2009 (warning picture heavy)

Halloween at my house!
The following is a list of some of my favorite photos from last night. I say picture heavy because usually I just link to the photos, but these are some I have taken and William took, so its hard to link to them, so they are here for your viewing pleasure!

I wont put a caption on every photo, so here is a list of the people staring in them.
Tonya- Vampiress
Tbone (Thomas)- Michael Myers
Destiny (my daughter)- Regan from Exorcist
Desmond (my son)- Chucky
Trixie (my cat)- Witch
Cody (my nephew)- Scary clown
Cathy (my mom-in law)- Ghost
William (friend)- Vampire
Tim (friend/neighbor)- Leatherface