Sunday, October 25, 2009


I be tired. Not just a bit, but a good bit, tired. Halloween is coming. Halloween is COMING! :)

Thomas busted butt today to try to get things working for the haunt, fright night. I am so looking forward to the scares.

I will be a simple vampiress again. As I have everything here without having to rack my brain again. It does not require me to wear a mask so this means... I CAN TAKE PICTURES lol I am weird, but I think I will enjoy the heck out of photographing this event, instead of chasing people with chainsaws. Even though that was always fun.

The house is coming along as far as cleaning goes.

Kids were helpful today, that's a change for the good.

Destiny wants something lol that's why she was so helpful. I knew it had to be something. And now I think about it. She wants to do Winter guard again. This is 3 hrs per night 3 nights per week, several weekends out of town, lost of money and lots of her time. She has done it before and last year they actually ranked 1st in the state which was awesome. I enjoyed watching her do something she enjoyed. But whew it was exhausting watching her, and staying on her about all that SHE was not accomplishing that were HER responsibilities. Which why I made her quit. Now, I didn't make her quit in the middle but at the end of the season last year she had to quit. To let her try again or not?

I am enjoying my chair tonight, Have my foot propped up with ice as it is swollen, sitting in the living room surrounded by my family. We are fixin' to watch us a flick. :) Life is good.

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