Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vanilla Ambien, date night, and kiddos.

Catchy title...but not what you think.

I was discussing the medication Ambien with a patient today. I said "we will give you this prescription to have filled to help you adjust to treatment. It is inexpensive as it is available in vanilla". Yep those words came straight out of my mouth. I stopped and said "Did I just say vanilla?" and laughed. The patient's wife said "Yes, I knew what you meant generic. I am right there with you". The patient said "you two women scare me". lol I said "wouldn't it be awesome to have it in vanilla though?" I still wonder where the hellz that came from. I will always think of that and smile.

Tonight is date night. I got the sweetest little mail from my Tbone asking me if I was interested in going on a date tonight. He is so good at trying to ensure we get to go out and enjoy each others company alone, just us. A couple needs this. I need him. He makes me smile. So I feel like I am 10 years younger every time we go out on date night. I take the time to shower and fix up my face, (put make up on). I blow dry my hair and make it just so. I put on some piece of jewelry that he has bought me in the past 7 years. I may not always wear dress clothes, but I clean up nicely and think of the fun we will have. I think he may get a little excited sometimes too, he is outside washing up the jeep (ya know like fellas do before a hot date). :)

Life is good.

On another note: There has been this long on going history of my daughter and a thing called Winter Guard. To let her try to show she can do this again or not is the question. I think I am leaning toward letting her, with strong stipulation. Make straight A's. (first bad grade I will make her quit). Do all her chores, spend time with family, limited cell phone (if she fails to get things done the phone becomes mine). She really enjoyed this, but I hate that these people practice the children 3 nights a week and 3 hours a night at that. Its really hard for them to keep up with friends and their responsibilities. I heard a parent say last year though that it was great for kids, as they are so busy they have limited time to get into REAL trouble. She loves this. Its something she is good at. She is maturing more and more, and realizes that I am not playing games with this education she is getting. I don't guess it will hurt me to let her try to be more responsible this time, because if she isn't I can make her quit. But that always sucks too. UGH decisions parents have to make. I hate to hold her back or keep her from doing something she enjoys, but I know her work load and I know how bad she is at multi-tasking right now. Maybe this will teach her how to handle a lot on her plate because that is exactly what this is. If she handles it this season well, then she will be set. If she doesn't then she will be heart broken. Good luck Destiny!

On another note, it saddens me to see my children growing too fast, Destiny gets learners permit in less than 7 months. Desmond goes to Jr High school next year, both big moves and both are pulling on my heart strings. I knew it would happen, just didn't realize how fast it would go by. No matter how many times I have heard people say it, it happens faster than you think.

But, life is good.

Enough mushy stuff.... I got a hot date! :)

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