Monday, October 19, 2009

Thief schmeef

I hate... totally despise... want to rid the world of... HATE a THIEF. My mother-in-law... reckon its safe to call her that. My Tbone's mommy who is like a second mommie to me. The woman that if Tbone and I ever get married.... she would indeed be my official mother-in-law. I will just call her that for now! :) Her house got broke into last night. My nephew Cody's items were stolen like PSP and PS2 and games and some of my second mommie's jewelry. Now I know they could have got away with much more. It appears it was a kid with limited time and they had to use Cody's back pack to put things in so they had limited place to carry things as well. I hate a thief. I have had a home vandalized and items stolen. I had my car broke into to take my stereo... DON'T MESS WITH MY SYSTEM! DUDE!!!! Anyway I do know how helpless it makes you feel, how angry that someone would take something that you worked hard for or that had sentimental purpose like most jewelry does. UGHHHH.... If I could find these dudes I would kick um in the balls. Not lightly either! I will proudly say that I do not steal anything from anyone, not cable tv, not a piece of gum that is laying around (I always ask before I take)... I do not steal. My children's fingers would be cut off if they stole anything...and it is something that is totally unacceptable in my opinion. Why do people do this? Do they really think they are better than others and don't have to work and save up and earn what they get in life? GEESH!

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